Everything about ECommerce Trajectory in 2021

- Haasshim

August 21, 2021

2020 paved the way for a lot of opportunities and chances for online businesses. eCommerce had a huge boom in business. With billions of people in their homes, online shopping took over the world. We, at Enalito, held a 4-day event comprising of 23 entrepreneurs and business owners across 8 webinars. They shared invaluable information which will enlighten and sharpen your business and yourself.

The eCommerce world is filled with obstacles and challenges. You must know to be smart and choose the right decisions. Learning is the key to be more decisive and Enalito is bringing the opportunity to learn from the best in the business.

Here is everything important you must know from eCommerce Trajectory 2021:

April 26th Session 1

Speakers: Nicole Chau, Rajiv Sheth & Brendan Kennedy

This session was the pilot session for the “E-Commerce Trajectory in 2021”. Here, Nicole W. Chau, Brendan Kennedy & Rajiv Sheth shared their personal experiences and some deep insights on ‘How to grow & boom in a business via organic growth modules.’ Following are some tips shared by these esteemed panel members on how to prosper in the E-Commerce Online retail system:

1. Rajiv shared the formulae for a successful business plan i.e., Formulations + Creativity + Observation + Innovate x Ambition= Business growth
2.Brendan presented his views on how Intuitive Knowledge plays a crucial role in any Product retail industry. According to him, Intuition > Experience.
3.Nicole advised the clients to follow a Result-oriented than profit-oriented business approach as the product that’s being launched in the market must tackle the clients’ problems.

April 26th Session 2

Speakers: Eric Fransen, CEO of Grund America

This session was all about “Evolution of eCommerce and what to expect in 2021”. Eric Fransen was extremely enthusiastic in telling us about the company he works for, Grund America’s evolution in the world of online business and how 2020 affected it. These were few of the tips and tricks shared by Eric on how to tackle the online world in 2021.

1.Invest as much as you can in online advertisements. You need to acquire the organic growth as much as possible. Use Facebook Ads or Google Ads.
2.You need to know your numbers, all the various platforms and you know the platform that can drive you traffic and have someone that can move that around, you can be successful.
3.You are not going to figure it all out in the first day, the first month or even the first year. All you can do is continue to get better, learn your customer, and continue to improve your product.

April 27th Session 1

Speakers: Ashley Bolling, Nicole Banks, Kristian Edwards & Brittany Bly

This session was the first all-women panel symposium on “E-Commerce Trajectory in 2021”. Here, Ashley Bolling, Nicole Banks, Kristian Edwards & Brittany Bly shared their success stories & also shared views the topics like ‘Women Entrepreneurs in 21st century & Apple’s latest privacy implementations.’

Following are some tips shared by these esteemed all-women-panel members on how to start a business from scratch:

1.Ashley insists small businesses hire fresh part-time interns, as they have the hunger to work and earn valuable knowledge.
2.Nicole focuses intensely on ‘Demand Module’ based business followed by transparency in communication between the client & the brand.
3.Brittany insists new businesses depend on word of mouth, SMS, Content Traffic & emails for Online promotions over Paid Ad services by Google, etc.
4.Kristian shares her views on how Sustainability factors can attract more-n-more customers. She insists businesses have eco-friendly policies in their CSRs & opt for green practices.

April 27th Session 2

Speakers: Ben Freeman, Vice President and Partner at PowerPlay and Cadogan Price, founder of CADOGAN

The panelists discussed about AI & Personalization – a super fuel to user experience in E-Commerce. Cadogan Price and Ben Freeman talked about their experiences and how AI helped their business. Here are a few major takeaways from the session

1.“Do it to the best of your knowledge the right way the first time and you will have a healthier platform to build from there” says Cadogan Price
2.Ben Freeman suggests the most important thing for a business is using data regardless of where you want to deploy. It is important to do it the right way at the right time.
3.Ben Freeman also says, “From a business perspective, technology was critical last year. Flexibility is key and technology can support in any way.”
Cadogan Price’s comments on technology and how the companies that invest on technology see technology as a gift we have been given and to be successful with in this new age and time.

April 28th Session 1

Speakers: Christina Hawatmeh, David Nicholls & Jason Bolt

This session was on “Business Strategies in 2021”. For any business, the path needs to be clear to the entrepreneur. Here, Christina, Jason & David speaks about Experimenting, exploring, and accomplishing; & strategies that will make any business’ path more crystal clear. Here are some valuable insights shared by them:

1.Christina insists the entrepreneurs not bombard themselves with too many goals. They must be growth-oriented & not profit-based. The idea is to convey it to your team for proper fulfillment.
2.David believes Partnerships are something entrepreneurs don’t accept or opt for, but it is the fastest mode to drive growth.
3.Jason wants the budding businesses to tackle any significant problem present in the world and create feasible, affordable, and tech-based solutions. The essence of this is to be empathetic towards clients’ needs.

April 28th Session 2

Speakers: Pat Yates, Owner and Founder of Happy Feet Slippers, Micki Krimmel, Founder and CEO of Superfit Hero, Aaron Saks, President of West Coast Seeds, and Arthur Mernard de Calenge, Co-founder and CEO of Lambs

Customer loyalty is very important for a business to grow. Our panelists were very eager to talk about how to build loyalty with the new customers acquired through online advertising campaigns. Few pointers that can help you with customers coming right from our panelists are:

1.“The future is 100% video. When people do rich video, they get engaged, they get excited” says Pat Yates on what the future of advertisement is.
2.Micki Krimmel tells that email is where the customers are at. “I read every single one of my customers’ email and reply to them personally after every purchase” says Micki passionately.
3.Arthur Calenge relies on the traditional word of mouth for building his customer base
4.“You need to have a standard level of operations to even compete in e-Commerce. You have to be more responsive. You have to do things in a timely manner” shares Aaron Saks on how he built his brand

April 29th Session 1

Speakers: Ed Currie, Margaret Davidson & Marc Fecker

This session was on “Online Retail System Management.” Bringing a business online is a crucial factor, and it helps marketing the brand on a different level. But there are some algorithms that a brand has to keep in mind. Here, Margaret, Marc & Ed share their Action plans for a successful and consistent online retail system. Following are some pointers that they highlighted:

1.Margaret gives critical information on GOTS standard certification for making your business affiliated with the Sustainability model. It helps to check & reducing waste in both manufacturing & post-services.
2.Marc suggests that for online retail services and giving people general use tips, the brand can also use product tutorials, videos & testimonials to show users how to use the product to do or create something specific.
3.Ed highlights the use of Shopify and how his business grew 30% more in just a year. Shopify’s USP is its SEO features that help websites rank higher in search results so customers can find the brand.

April 29th Session 2

Speakers: Raj Armani, Co-Founder and COO of Besharam, and Austin Speck, CEO of Titan Brands

Advertising your brand and product must be the core of your company. You are not getting traction without advertising. Our two successful speakers are here to talk about Smart ad strategies for e-commerce business in 2021. Some helpful points from this session were

1.Raj Armani’s wise advice on a strategy that can help your business is “Build a brand that says what it does and does what it says
2.“A brand is also like a human. For someone to trust the brand, you have to build reputation and credibility” advises Raj Armani
3.Three tips from Austin Speck:
– The answer is simple. Do not overthink.
– Be obsessed with your work.
– Do not take NO for an answer

This concluded the wonderful webinar series of eCommerce Trajectory 2021. Follow on Enalito and Subscribe with us for more such informative and invaluable insights from leading businessmen and entrepreneurs.