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April 18, 2022
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marketing for your ecommerce Store

Improve sales and delight customers with Advanced Ecommerce AI chatbot and OmniChannel marketing automation solution.

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Announcing Launch of AIShopGenie:

Your Industry-Specific Ecommerce AI Chatbot!

Craft a personal store for every customer, offer assistance on home, category, product, and cart pages with personalized recommendations. Explore products, add to cart, all seamlessly within the bot. Elevate your online store with the magic of AIShopGenie!
Seamless integration with all major Ecommerce platforms, support and CRM tools. Provides out of the box WhatsApp integration

All-in-one Solution for eCommerce Stores like yours

Marketing Automation

Sending personalized product recommendations and prices that lead to a dramatic increase in Conversion Rate

Smart Segmentation

Laser Sharp Segments of Customers and Products help you target a specific group smartly

Onsite Personalization

Changing your web shop dynamically based upon who is visiting will improve customer engagement.

Make more money

Understand your target audiences at each stage of the customer lifecycle in a way that helps you make more money and more loyal customers.

Drive Up Sales

Send AI - powered, highly personalized and engaging emails to drive up your sales and turn your visitors into shoppers and shoppers into loyal fans. You can design beautiful responsive emails with our simple drag and drop editor.

Double your Conversion Rate

Give targeted and personalized experiences that CONVERT. Create valuable touchpoints at every stage in the customer lifecycle for each of your valuable customers.

Smart & dynamic

Your customers deserve offers and promotions that’s as unique as they are. The segments update automatically – so you can worry less about manually maintaining lists, and spend your time on new ideas instead.

Personalize customer experiences

Personalize customer experiences at ease. Deliver impactful, channel-appropriate content based on customer behavior and interactions across email, website, mobile and app.

make better decisions

Make more informed decisions about campaigns, what products to sell and how much inventory to keep. Our reports make exploring and answering your most pressing questions as easy as asking.

Engage High-value Email Subscribers with RELEVANT messages

All the tools you need to grow and interact with your customers
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Testimonials And Reviews

" Absolutely loving it! "

I have been using this app for and it has been a life-saver!! It recognizes my products that are doing amazing and products that need to be discounted and sold before they become an inventory risk. Also, it has a very robust email system that helps to identify potential MONEY MAKIKNG OPPORTUNITIES.

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" In a years time our Revenue shot 10 times "

Enalito offers an impressive onsite personalization and helped us increase average order significantly. Its automated recency, frequency and monetary (RFM) segmentation of both customers and products is unique and a very powerful way for us to micro-segment our customer base. It ensures we target the bulk of our marketing budget only to those customers with the highest propensity to purchase.

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" Enalito proved super duper helpful! "

Installing the app was very easy. The team at Enalito not only made sure that our analytics were set up correctly, but they walked us through everything and explained how to look at our stats. They set up our website personalization for us and matched our theme, and they helped create initial emails for browse abandonment and product recommendations. We've seen great results so far from our first product recommendation email.

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janet latuga, fire cider
" It is a complete package! "

We switched to Enalito for their efficiency and data-focused app, which has helped increase our conversions and repeat purchase rate significantly. I have nothing but good things to say about the service provided by Enalito. Shout out to Kuldeep and Ankit for their willingness to go the extra mile and ensure their customers are happy and are constantly looking for ways to improve their product.

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KYLE Hinckley,
Cable ties unlimited
" Experienced a HUGE jump from 100 to 143K customers! "

Our customers find ease in their shopping experience and are happy to receive personalized touch digitally. Our sales are on rise and our team can make business decisions well in advance using Enalito’s Analytics. I am extremely happy with the platform and the team.

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Vipul, Electronicscomp
" Contributing as much as 45% of our annual sale! "

Enalito has helped me personalise my eCommerce Store by showing product recommendations to clients based on their personal preferences. The triggered emails helped in engaging cold customers, which has also given us great ROI! The technology empowered us to segment our clients based on their behaviour too! What can I say, I love this app and recommend it to all store owners!

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" I highly recommend Enalito! "

We use Enalito for our weekly email campaigns and results have been beneficial. The team is attentive and helpful, with swift response times. We recommend.

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Eric, slvr rm

Create Personalized Shopping Experiences that CONVERT

All the tools you need to grow and interact with your customers
Explore Segmentation

Video Testimonials And Review

We understand what your customer wants!

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with precisely targeted omni-channel campaigning

2x Average
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with the aid of in-depth Business Analytics

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