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North America D2C Brands Summit 2021

September 20, 2021

For E-commerce Businesses
that care about customer delight

Enalito helps ecommerce businesses understand its customers and products in a way that each product automatically goes to a customer who is most likely to buy that product!

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All-in-one Solution for Online Stores like yours

Marketing Automation

Sending personalized product recommendations and prices that lead to a dramatic increase in Conversion Rate

Smart Segmentation

Laser Sharp Segments of Customers and Products help you target a specific group smartly

Onsite Personalization

Changing your web shop dynamically based upon who is visiting will improve customer engagement.

Turn your Shoppers into Fans

Enalito understands Shopper Behavior in real time and consults them while they shop by Unveiling the right products fast, thereby turning Shoppers into FANS.

WIN BACK your shoppers

Shoppers Shop Everywhere. Let’s accept that. But you can always bring them back to your webstore using Enalito.
Enalito helps you optimize your messaging, make data-backed decisions, track every click, visit, & purchase, and help you bring your shoppers/customers back on your online store!

get a Quick Spike in ProfitS!

Enalito understands your products better than you do! Yes, agreed, it’s a bold statement. Enalito chisels out laser sharp segments of products and suggests you the products which can be offered to a curated set of Shoppers for a quick spike in profits!

Turn SITE visitS into profit

Enalito helps you showcase irresistible offers on the landing page of your online store to help you gather leads and turn those visitors into customers!

See what our Clients Have to Say

" In a years time our Revenue shot 10 times "

We have been using Enalito for onsite personalization and the results have been impressive. The Enalito recommendations have increased our average order value and allowed us to up-sell and cross-sell customers by providing personalized product suggestions based on both their browse and purchase history. Enalito’s automated recency, frequency and monetary (RFM) segmentation of both customers and products is unique and a very powerful way for us to micro-segment our customer base and ensure we target the bulk of our marketing budget only to those customers with the highest propensity to purchase. And the ROI from Enalito ensures that its cost is paid for in the first few days of each month.

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" Absolutely loving it! "

I have been using this app for and it has been a life-saver!! It recognizes my products that are doing amazing and products that need to be discounted and sold before they become an inventory risk. Also, it has a very robust email system that helps to identify potential money-making opportunities.

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" Enalito proved super duper helpful! "

Installing the app was very easy. The team at Enalito not only made sure that our analytics were set up correctly, but they walked us through everything and explained how to look at our stats. They set up our website personalization for us and matched our theme, and they helped create initial emails for browse abandonment and product recommendations. We've seen great results so far from our first product recommendation email.

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janet latuga, fire cider
" It is a complete package! "

We switched to Enalito for their efficiency and data-focused app, which has helped increase our conversions and repeat purchase rate significantly. I have nothing but good things to say about the service provided by Enalito. Shout out to Kuldeep and Ankit for their willingness to go the extra mile and ensure their customers are happy and are constantly looking for ways to improve their product.

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KYLE Hinckley,
Cable ties unlimited
" Experienced a HUGE jump from 100 to 143K customers! "

Our customers find ease in their shopping experience and are happy to receive personalized touch digitally. Our sales are on rise and our team can make business decisions well in advance using Enalito’s Analytics. I am extremely happy with the platform and the team.

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Vipul, Electronicscomp
" Contributing as much as 45% of our annual sale! "

Enalito App has made my eCommerce store personalized for each of my customers by showing product recommendations based on their browsing & purchase behavior. The triggered emails also helped in engaging back with the customers who abandoned the cart. Enalito helped us improve our customers’ shopping experience and has given us great ROI. The technology empowers us to segment our client base based on their buying behavior and defines how active and profitable each group is. I liked this app & definitely recommend it for other stores.

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" I highly recommend Enalito! "

We use Enalito for our weekly email campaigns and results have been beneficial. The team is attentive and helpful, with swift response times. We recommend.

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Eric, slvr rm

Video Testimonials And Review

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5x Higher

with AI-powered personalized content across every channel

6x Higher

with precisely targeted omni-channel campaigning

2x Average
Order Value

with the aid of in-depth Business Analytics

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