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Scores Business Performance

Business score and progress report covering all major aspects of your retail business; allowing business health checkup. Configure the determiners you find more important to base the analysis on.

Identifies Business Strengths & Weaknesses

In-depth analytics of Key Performance Indicators’ trends to track soft spots and strengths. Empower self with critical information on what’s affecting revenue and how much over the time period.

OmniChannel Campaigning

Intelligent Automation To Rectify Weak Trends

Artificial Intelligence powered omnichannel campaigning to target the customers or products responsible for ineffective KPIs. Offer personalized optimal discounts, offers, and promotions for maximum conversions and increased profit margins.

Monetizes E-Store Potentials

Assured profits and guaranteed earnings on Return On Investment from unseen opportunities using business strengths. Maximize retail’s earnings by investing as per accurate state-of-the-art intelligence.

New Revenue Opportunities
Inventory control software

Optimizes Inventory & Store Catalog

Optimal inventory listing for the store and each product cluster that serves as an excellent suggestive method for an ideal inventory. Enalito’s star feature is to help you clear dead stock faster than ever by presenting products to its likely buyers.

Distinguishes Store’s Best & Unprofitable Products

Updates you with profit generating products that are in great demand and yields maximum revenue. Similarly, it states about no-sale products in order to take inevitable actions that bring about better changes and helps you yield more profits.

Store’s Best & Worst Products
eCommerce Customer Segmentation

Eases Information For Interpretation

Automated behavioral dynamic customer segmentation and product clusters based on performance and attributes. Effectively use your marketing dollars by differentiating stocks and defining customers based on their activities for better strategic decisions.

Reports Its Own Contribution

Enalito details its inputs to report the involvement shared in progressing your e-business. Know exactly how much revenue and how many transactions, sessions, users have been generated through Enalito.

Business Analytics


A report by Paul, Founder of Winecentral detailing Enalito’s functionality and how it can be used for retailer’s benefits.

Customer Success Stories

Integrates with all Leading eCommerce Platforms

... and all major marketing softwares

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