Enalito Capabilities

Optimize Strengths & Rectify Weaknesses

Recognize and work upon your business strengths and weaknesses with Enalito’s impeccable capabilities

Business Analytics

All important business KPIs are analyzed to form a retail business model. Continuous tracking of KPIs and a single business score enables identification of strengths and weaknesses of the business.

Business Weaknesses Rectification

Automated campaigning ensures eradication of weaknesses by identifying customers impacting the business negatively and taking strategic measures to turn
them positive.

Business Strengths Optimization

All the customers responsible for business strengths are segmented. Omni-Channel focused campaigning with optimal discounting results into maximizing revenue as well as profits.

Product Analytics

Products are segmented as best and worst from each KPIs perspective. Automated Omni-channel campaigning induces effective targeted promotions resulting into much better ROI on inventory in stock.

Features Overview

Evolve with Complete Automation

Understand, Target & Deliver with Expert Analytical Precision.

360° Business View

360° Business View

6 Insightful KPIs give overall idea of business performance for lifetime and last 12 months, in addition to 360° Customer and Product View.

Omni Channel Targeting

Omni Channel Targeting

Approach and target your customers across all the channels in accordance with their behavior to enhance engagement, loyalty and sales.

Personalized User Experience

Personalized User Experience

Captivate shoppers with engaging, relevant and personalized shopping catalog and products to uplift revenue and profits.

Key Differentiators

Retail solutions to get your business up and growing

Analyze, Personalize, Campaign and Grow with Enalito’s 360° Suite

Omnichannel Experience

Enalito fetches data from multiple sources and induces decision-making engines into one platform to help you create consistent experience across all digital channels. It offers cohesive shopping experience while delivering data-driven omni-channel growth.

Predictive Customer Profile

Customer profile contains demographic & behavioral data that underpins predictive campaigns for each customer. All Customer Attributes are analyzed as Machine Learning algorithms continuously learn to deliver relevant & timely offers.

Marketing for Enterprises

Enalito is built for Enterprise-scale Retail Ecommerce businesses keeping in mind the needs of marketing teams & multiple stakeholders. It is a data-driven predictive retailer platform that enables you to optimize your marketing communications around the real-time customer data.

AI-Powered Analytics Engine

Enalito is an AI-Powered Predictive Analytics Engine designed to solve marketing problems and optimize Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). It drives conversions as seamless product discovery and detailed insights help to get better ROI on marketing spend.

Personalization for everyone

Drives automated personalized communications. Monitors behavioral data of every customer and responds to behavioral changes by recommending highly targeted personalized offers ‘when and where’ they are most needed.

Seamless Data Integration

Enalito seamlessly integrates with the existing technology stack to ensure your digital growth roadmap is followed at a faster speed with accuracy to drive more ROI. Easy integration of Enalito with data sources empowers the effectiveness of business decisions.


Yield the best results from your retail business

Get the best while saving the best of your marketing dollars

5X Higher Engagement

with AI-powered personalized content.

6X Higher Profits

achieved by effectively targeted omni-channel campaigning

2X Average Order Value

achieved through the aid of in-depth Business Analytics

Platform Features

A myriad of exceptional features at your service

Claim the best of the retail world by using unprecedented genius of Enalito.

  • Business 360° View
  • Predictive Product Recommendations
  • Cart Abandonment Campaigns
  • Predictive Content and Products
  • 100+ KPI Insights
  • Customer Lifecycle Automation
  • New Visitor Tracking & Personalization

  • Dynamic Customer Segmentation
  • Actionable Product Clustering
  • Drag & Drop customizable email templates
  • Customer Activity & Behavior Tracking
  • AI-powered real time Analytics
  • Trigger-based AI-driven campaigns
  • Optimal Discounting & Seasonal Insights
  • Predicted Future Lifetime Value

  • Business Trends Reporting
  • Positive, Negative & Neutral Customer Analysis
  • Device-type identification
  • LRFM Analysis for Purchase, Browsing & Email Behavior
  • Actual actionable insights
  • Seamless Integrations

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