Intelligent Store knows Relationships of Customer Personas & Product Blueprints

Create customer segments by combining various customer behaviors to generate more revenue

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AI based Customer & Product Segmentation

customer personas & Product-Blueprints Discovered.
Dynamic segments
keep on evolving with changing customer behavior over time

Visual Segmentation allows you to filter Customers & Products on over 75 important aspects (KPIs)

Green are the best Customers,
They represent  customers with
the highest engagement with your store

Yellow are the middle tier customers, They need encouragement to buy more

RED Customers Means Stop. Take Immediate Action.
Send an Automated
personalized Campaign containing only the products of interest to each customer

Green are your Best products. Can sell much more giving Big revenue Boost

Clear out bottom products to Optimize inventory, Reduce average shelf life, and maximize ROI. Emails Are Sent Only To Most Likely Buyers Of Them

Encourage customers with history of buying in Previous month with Limited Time Offers NOW

100s of pre-built customer and product segments.
Visually identifying  Top, Middle & Bottom Customers & Products

AI Engine Identifies Hidden Revenue Making Opportunities For You

To Convert Customer Engagement Into Dollars