Our Mission

To succeed in solving the Choice Overload Problem for Online Shoppers by Understanding the Shoppers, Curating Laser Sharp Segments of Shoppers and Products, and Sending personalized product recommendations and prices that lead to a dramatic increase in Conversion Rate for E-commerce Businesses.

Our Vision

Bringing Abundance to E-commerce businesses with AI

Meet the people behind Enalito

We are an international team of technology engineers, developers and entrepreneurs with one shared goal: make eCommerce easy to every eCommerce merchant.

Anand Katakwar

Founder & CEO

Amit Koshal


Paul Newport


Ankit Nigam

Tech Lead

Vivek Tiwari

Data Analyst

Burhan Bohra

eCommerce Specialist

Brijesh Saket

Cloud Computing Expert

Sandeep Parate

UI / UX Specialist

Nidhi Nag

Marketing Head

Priyank Sharma

Sales Specialist

Kuldeep Thakre

Sales Specialist

Manish Verma

Accounts Head

Syed Rahman

Web Developer