Intelligent User Journey Automations

All our AI Insights are distilled into powerful triggers to execute set of automated actions of marketing in response to real time events

Create customer segments by combining various customer behaviors to generate more revenue

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From Creation Of Customers To Every User Action on Store Can trigger an automated user journey. Welcome Series,
Browse Abandonment ,
Cart Abandonment,
Order Follow-Up

& many more automations available out of the box

Visual Filtering allows you to restrict the flow to desired Customers

Product based triggers allow sending of offers to AI engine identified most likely buyers of those products

Implement Sustained Growth strategy & Act on AI identified additional revenue opportunities in real time.

Ensure meeting the Business goal of Automation

action if received email was opened or not, purchased product from it or not

AI predicts next order date for every customer

An automation
can trigger an email just before the date, with products of choice of that customer to make prediction happen

Encourage Customers to reach next higher level of spending by using tiered loyalty trigger

Tracking order count or order amount:
Over last 12 months or Lifetime

100s of pre-built user journey automations out of the box

Implement Intelligent AI-Driven Marketing Automation for D2C Brands