Anti Spam Policy

Enalito is a marketing automation platform which is geared for sending personalized emails campaigns to existing customer base of any ecommerce store. Ultra focused customer and product based segments are available to create your audience based on our AI and predictive analytics engine. A lot of pre-packaged segments based on various KPIs are available for ready made use. Additional segments can be created by users.

As Part of the anti-spam effort Enalito platform is NOT allowed to be used outside of this audience base. We require verification of sender domain and/or email. Any such email sending outside of customer base and opt-in subscriber list of customers is considered spamming and is not allowed. Abusing to use this service to blast spam or malicious phishing attacks is strictly prohibited. We have advanced mechanisms in place to identify such abuse. Enalito reserves the right to suspend service to any such customers without notice. No further charges will be billed to such suspended customers.