5 Growth Hacks for your Shopify Store in 2020

- Amit Koshal

August 21, 2021

Running an online store isn’t an easy job for the merchant, especially when there is a competition & tough times ahead. Once a merchant has set up his online store on Shopify he needs to ensure that he is able to engage with every possible visitor on his online store. A shopify store owner can use the following growth hack techniques & apps to have consistent engagement with the store visitors.

1) Use UpSell & Cross Sell Recommendations App for Intuitive Product Discovery:

The most important way to engage with your shopify store visitors is to help the visitor in discovering the right products in the least possible time. If you are able to show personalized product recommendations to your visitors based on what they are browsing, you are already helping your visitors by acting as their virtual assistants without bothering them but by making product discovery seamless & intuitive.

You can use various Free Apps from shopify app store to show personalized recommendations on all pages of your online store. Apps such as Enalito, Limespot, etc give you options to activate various types of recommendations on all pages of your online store which in turn help your visitors & existing customers to discover the right products.

2) Use Triggered Emails App for Cart Recovery

Final Checkout is the most important thing for your shopify store. Customers who have reached the checkout page indicates their purchase intent. However, it is quite possible that the customers might not complete their purchases on the checkout page due to reasons such as Shipping Fee, Issues faced during checkout, etc. On an average, 15 to 20 Cart Abandonment happens on a shopify store per day. If we calculate it for a month, it’s approximately 400 to 600 Cart Abandonments.

Recovering these Abandoned Carts can really make a huge difference in the store’s revenue.
By setting up Abandoned Cart recovery Automated triggered Emails, your store can easily recover 10% to 20% of Abandoned Carts & in turn maximize the store revenue.

3) Send Weekly Personalized Email Campaigns

Shopify store owners must ensure that they are in constant contact with their existing customers through email. A regular weekly email newsletter campaign makes a huge difference in building brand loyalty. An email campaign with product recommendations which are based on the customers previous purchase or browse behaviour will definitely have a great impact on the sales conversions. A personalized weekly campaign will result in strong brand recall & more engagement for the online store.

Shopify store owners can now personalize their email campaigns by using AI apps available in shopify app store which will automatically include product recommendations within the individual customer email campaign by understanding their past browsing & purchase behaviour. A personalized email campaign helps merchants in getting better Open Rate, Click Rate & Conversions from each campaign. Ultimately helping the merchant in getting the best ROI from their campaign spend.

4) Set Up Loyalty Program App

A shopify store owner must use a loyalty program app through which he can reward his customers for each purchase & referral. If you incentivize customers purchase with reward points which the customer can redeem during their next purchase, customers are most likely going to make purchases from your online store on a regular basis since they can collect those reward points. Smile.io is one of the most popular Loyalty program app which shopify store can use to automate the whole process of rewards.

Customer can get reward points on your store customers for various actions such as Account Creation, Social Share, Purchase Made, Birthday, For Following Your Social media Accounts, etc.

The shopify store owner can decide what kind of incentive they want to give for each action. Incentive can be in the form of reward points getting converted into actual dollar discounts or Percentage of Dollar Discount or Free Shipping or Free Product. The most popular reward being given by most shopify store owners is the conversion of Reward Points into actual dollars which can be used during purchase.

5) Set Up Web Push Notifications

One more way to increase store engagement & growth is by deploying web push notifications on your online store. These browser based web push notifications can be sent out to the customers directly on their desktop & mobile browsers. Web push notifications such as Cart Abandonment, Discount Offers, Back In Stock Reminders, Ongoing Sales happening on the store are useful as they can quickly grab customers attention.

Using these above growth hacks a shopify store owner can ensure that they have consistent engagement with customers & build a strong relationship with the online store. These growth techniques can go a long way in making your ecommerce store business sustainable & profitable.