Enalito Promo

Foster Effortless Shopping Experience

Personalized omnichannel marketing to interact using all digital platforms for consistent brand experience



Marketing through Facebook, Instagram, emails, push notifications to heighten the relationship between a business and its customers.



Showcase of relevant personalized content and products that piques shopper’s interests further



Impactful promotions that prompt shoppers to buy by pinpointing whom to target thus lessening
customer friction.


Know how Enalito Promo levels up your e-business’s scalability and increases your sales volume.

Customer Segmentation

Segments Customers And Products

Repeat mode on!

How recently a customer purchased, at what discount and after how long the shopper is making its next purchase; all such essential performance indicators are evaluated to present you with Dynamic Customer Segmentation. Similarly, which products sell faster, at what discount they are bought often, after how long they got sold again and how products with same attributes are performing; such factors are evaluated for Dynamic Product Segmentation so that products could be promoted to its likely buyers.

Builds Real-Time, Responsive Campaigns


Enalito uses real-time customer behavior data to automatically trigger relevant, highly targeted communications and promotions right when they are needed. For instance if a customer normally purchases from you every 30 days, an offer can be triggered to send a week prior.

Omnichannel Marketing Automation

Specify Triggers And Conditions

Take the throne to control!

Put campaigns and ideas into action with control to set the conditions. Whatever triggers and actions you feed, Enalito Promo intelligently executes it without any coding or external help. Its analysis and segmentation insights aids in making informed marketing decisions for individualized campaigns, dynamic coupons and offers which significantly helps in customer retention.

Personalizes Shopping Journey

Give them the In-Store feeling!

Tailor your storefront and various touch points according to the customer’s preferences with product discovery. ‘Similar Products’, ‘Recommendations Based On Browsing’, ‘Your Recently Viewed’, ‘More Of Your Choice’ ‘Products You May Like’, ‘Top Products’, ‘Best Sellers’, ‘Customers Who Bought This Also Bought’, ‘Products From The Same Producer’ and many more; all of these are produced by our recommendation engine in order to escalate purchasing decisions and total order value.

eCommerce Personalization

Marketing Via Omni Channels

Be on their minds!

Provide a seamless high-quality shopping experience through all digital marketing mediums such as Facebook, Instagram, Emails, Web, Mobile & Push Notifications. Such kind of omnipresence influences the customer to make quick shopping decisions and builds a credible sense of business familiarity.

Evaluates Campaign Performance On All Touch Points

Spot On!

Unearth the answers to ‘How well did campaigns work? ’ with in-depth progress reports based on prime factors of evaluation. Then, make changes for further campaigns and focus more on the revenue generating streams of your e-business.

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