User Journeys Automation

Put your ecommerce marketing on auto pilot

User journey automations allow retailers to execute complex marketing workflows as a response to events happening in real time. These real time events are Actions like purchase or browsing that a user is doing NOW or are events generated by Enalito AI engine. Like who is becoming a VIP, or at risk customer. This list also includes trigger like approaching next predicted date of order placement by a customer and even if customer has reached next tier of loyalty .

Analytics and AI Engine Insights distilled into Powerful Triggers

Contextual Decision Making to Achieve Maximum Sales

To convert all the real-time intent and AI based predictive analytical outcomes into maximum revenue and sales. Contextual branching to send more appropriate follow up emails based on response of purchase or open of the specific email sent is utilized.

All the common objectives like welcoming new customers series of email, cart or browse abandonment, winback lost customers series, second purchase and automated reminders based on purchase or product pricing or stock level changes are all available as out of the box contextual decision making workflows.

Smart Triggered Emails. Smart Personalization for each customer

Engage with each customer as if you know them personally. Enalito utilizes your e-commerce store data to understand customer at each step, when they browse, what they like, when they take action on your store & then engages with them with timely triggered emails.

Triggered emails show each customer what they want & exactly when they want to buy.  Enalito captures customer intent and converts into more sales.

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Important User Journey Automations for your e-commerce Store

Begin Engagement with your customers from the day 1 when they subscribe to your email list or create an account on your store or make their first purchase or any other action they do on your site.

Pre-built Library of User/Customer Journey automations helps you to implement data driven proven strategies. Engage with your customer in a new way recommended using AI.

Customer milestone automation  

Special offers for customer to achieve next loyalty tier based on order count or order amount: Over last 12 months or Lifetime

Customer loyalty and retention are the new key drivers for growth. Tired loyalty flows can help you to reward your customers based on their spending and activity in your store. You can thank your shoppers and offer some special discounts or loyalty points for their loyalty at every time they achieve a milestone.

Expected Date of Next Order Automation

Next purchase offer when a customer is most likely to buy

Every customer has different buying pattern. A gentle nudge before the next predicted order of purchase or a time bound offer after the customer fails to order this time and Each email containing products customer is most likely to buy . Is much more effective than sending all customers in a segment with offers at same time. This is yet another USP of enalito AI and Predictive analytics engine.

VIP Segment Automation

Trigger an email to a customer when they enter or exit VIP segment.

Why wait for someone to become lost before welcoming back. Real time emails can be sent to ensure the moment intelligent system detects a customer who will stop qualifying as VIP and is about to become average customer. Using Segment entry and exit triggers. Any of the most powerful dynamic segment available in enalito system can trigger an automation when a customer enters of exits that segment. Welcome a VIP and Anyone who is about to disqualifying being a VIP send an offer and ensure they remain VIP.

Recent buyers with low purchase in last 12 months  

Enter this segment in user journey automation to constantly encourage them for their next purchase with offers

Deliver an excellent customer experience around their recent purchase. Once they receive the products, go ahead and offer 20% off on their next purchase. They will love it.

High Spender but have not purchased recently  

Put this segment in automation to send them some unique new products that can encourage them to go for their next purchase

They are the extra special, extra valuable customers. They are the top 10% customers who spend 3 times more per order.

Either they no longer find your offering exciting or have taken a liking for other sites.

Re-engage & retain these VIPs differently by sending out personalized promotions or early access to new launch or sale.

All time maximum order customers not recently purchased

Nudge these customers with automation to send them Limited time offers to encourage for subsequent purchase

They may have not spend equal to your high spenders but they shop more often or have been long-time loyal customers. One of the best ways to express your gratitude to this set of customers is through a well-targeted thank-you email, a limited time offer or a special access to new products or sale. This is particularly useful if you provide a tempting incentive to make additional purchases. These are your most valuable consumers, so a little something special once in a while helps to maintain a positive relationship.

Oldest customers with no recent purchase  

Appreciate these customers by putting them in automation to send them some unique buy 1, get 1 offer

What you need right now is identify ways to revive their interest and convert it into an actual purchase. You can do it by two ways: Offering them special discounts or some additional value for your product.

Winback campaign could also be an final attempt to retain them.

Defected Customers  

Enter this customer segment into a Win back automation to bring them back to your store on specific collection or deals page

It’s far cheaper to reactivate a customer than it is to acquire a new one. Re-engaging even a small percentage of users is one of the most powerful ways to increase average lifetime customer value.

Back in Stock automation to Customers Who are most likely buyers of those products

When price of a product drops the AI engine knows most likely buyers of that product. This automation can generate an offer for the product and send to all those customers.

Back in stock alerts are important purchasing signals that show a high level of purchase intent. Out-of-stock status on your best-sellers can result in revenue loss and, in some cases, customer loss. These flows automatically trigger an email when a sold-out product is back in stock and ready to be sold.

Sales can go up and you can stand out from the competition by making the most of your back in stock opportunity.

New Product Launch automation reaching to most likely buyers of that new product from your customers

A new product launch Presented exactly to subset segment of your customers interested in buying them can be the difference between average lifetime success of the product or the every newly launched product going on to become a best seller. This is the USP of enalito AI product engine.

Low Stock Alert automation for Products browsed by a customer in last 30 days

Low stock flow help you set up email series to let customers know about popular products. This creates a sense of fear of missing out and urgency, so customers will be motivated to make their purchase before the item is off your store.

Build your own journeys automations

Just clone any of the prepackaged automations and Craft beautiful experiences  that aligns with your business objectives & make sense for your customer’s. Most powerful set of triggers which can send emails with intelligence of knowing next set of purchases by every customer on next most likely date of their order are all available to you.