Product Segments for Every Business Goal

Every product knows which are the customers most likely to buy it. With this power prebuilt product oriented campaigns  can be activated to achieve any business goal. From maximizing revenue and profits to identifying products to be cleared out to optimize inventory.

Product oriented campaigns where system predicts for any dynamic segment of products what combination should be received by which customer in specific.

Clearing out shelf risk products by sending offers for them to exactly the customers most likely to buy them.

Even for new product launched the AI engine figures out most likely buyers from all customers for maximum ROI on marketing dollars spent on launch

Product Segments you have never seen before

Product Dimension is equally important as Customer Dimension for Direct to consumer brands as the success of a store is dependent on your product success.

Dynamic product segmentation capabilities creates segments like Shelf Risk Products, Trending Products, New Arrivals, etc.

These dynamic product segments such as Shelf Risk product keep on changing over a period of time as per the multiple behavioral aspects & KPIs. 

Prebuilt Product segments helps you stay ahead of the competition & use them while sending an email campaign effectively.

Using product behaviors for segmentation

Create dynamic product segments by combining various product behaviors together for your e-commerce store 

Enalito’s unique product segmentation capabilities allow you to utilize Purchase behavior, Browsing behavior, Product Properties, Monthly Buying behavior filters at the same time

Increase product promotion marketing ROI manifolds

The most important USP of Enalito AI engine is the capability of figuring out the most likely buyers for every set of products. Including predicting buyers of a newly launched product. Which was never sold before!

Promotion of products for generating maximum sales is the most important task of a retail business. Enalito identifies most likely buyers of a specific product.

Campaigning to predicted buyers of a product results into maximum sales. Customers tend to buy much more when they receive exactly what they want to buy.

The best, The average and the ones worth clearing out

Enalito AI automatically identifies which are your top 20% products & which are your bottom 20% products

Understand which products are in between 20% to 40% 

Across all important product behavior & their respective KPIs all products are analyzed & grouped in five quintiles of 20% each representing the best top 20% products all the way to bottom 20% products who need attention

Pre-Built Product Segments

Enalito is pre-loaded with powerful system generated Product segments that can be used from 1st Day to derive maximum revenue

Pre-Built product segments are extremely important as they help you understand products performance in your inventory & thereby allows you to send product based email campaigns to the right target audience

Clear out products that are a Risk for your inventory

- Knowing products that are no longer getting bought by customers and are sitting idle in your inventory will help you run Product Clearance Campaigns easily

- Send such Shelf Risk products to customers who have previously purchased them or to customers who have purchased products similar to the Shelf Risk Products

- An email campaign with Clearance products in it can generate a significant amount of revenue in a short period of time.

Make more money from products that are getting sold a lot currently

- Knowing your recent hot products but which have not contributed much revenue to your store can be super helpful

- Promote such products to customers who have bought products similar to them OR to those customers who have never bought them before using Enalito AI’s product to customer recommendation algorithm

- Generate interest around such products by keeping limited time offers on them 

Products that have potential to make you more money

- Your Top revenue generating products in last 12 months but which are recently are not getting sold can be promoted a lot to generate more revenue from such products

- By sending these products to customers who have browsed them in the last 365 days or purchased products similar to them will help your store to make more money from such products- These are Most Active Products

Generate revenue from products that are not premium

- Your store can generate quick revenue by selling Low Value frugal products

- Send these products using Enalito Product to customer recommendation mapped People who bought recommended products

Use your Revenue Generating products to maximize revenue

- These products can generate maximum revenue for your store but haven't been sold recently

- Send these products to All interested customers who have either browsed or purchased similar products

- Enalito is able to use customer behavior of All time frame & Last 12 month behavior to identify this product segment for you.

Utilize your evergreen products to winback customers

- This product segment of Evergreen products are not bought currently

- Encourage customers to buy such products by creating limited time & exclusive offers to   winback customers and bring them back to your store

- These products are your store's identity

- Send these products who have bought them in the past or have bought products similar to them to have   huge upside in revenue 

Utilize trending products to grab customers attention and earn more revenue

- Products which are trending on your store as these products are getting browsed but not getting bought can be sent to customers who are interested in buying them

- You can convert browsing engagement of these products into revenue for your store

Make your store’s Highly viewed products to generate maximum revenue in a short span of time

- The Products on your store which customers have browsed a lot but are not buying can be send    to customers who have bought products similar to them

- Create limited time & exclusive offers that can convert the browsing interest into revenue

- Enalito AI automatically suggest customers who can buy the products in this segment

Keep your Top Sellers in Stock all the time

- Use this product segment to keep a close watch on your top sellers & keep them in stock all the time

- Managing the inventory of these products will be super helpful in getting maximum revenue as customers are buying them a lot- This product segment helps you to manage your inventory better

Use Seasonality behavior of products for promotion

A) Product Segment = This Months products
- Enalito AI understand the seasonality behavior of products and can show you Products for this   month that are getting purchased a lot

- Promote this month products more at the middle of month

B) Next Month Products
- Promote these products more as customers are more likely going to buy them as they are time importance

- These products are getting sold maximum in the coming month so promoting them now will help in generating more revenue

- The best time to promote these products is at the end of month

C) Previous Months Products
- Promote these products at the beginning of the month as these have generated more revenue in the previous month

- Utilize the opportunity to maximize revenue by utilizing this product segment to full potential