Get maximum ROI on Marketing using Enalito’s USP Product Campaigns

Promotion of products for generating maximum sales is the most important task of a retail business. Enalito identifies most likely buyers of a specific product.

Campaigning to predicted buyers of a product results into maximum sales.

Enalito's Artificial Intelligence algorithms predicts the buyers. This unique capability of marketing automation platform gets you the highest ROI on marketing dollar spent.

Product Campaigns with Dynamic Product Segments

Dynamic product segmentation capabilities creates segments like Shelf Risk Products, Trending Products, New Arrivals, etc. 

These dynamic product segments such as Shelf Risk product keep on changing over a period of time as per the multiple behavioral aspects & KPIs.

Enalito’s unique Ai capabilities can help you achieve highest revenue success by enabling you to send Product Oriented Email Campaigns for any dynamic product segments reaching out to customers who are interested in buying that specific product.

Run the following product oriented campaigns easily to get maximum ROI using Enalito’s Artificial Intelligence algorithms.

Promote your New Arrivals to gain more revenue

  • Promoting New products which are getting added to your store can be a hassle
  • By sending your New Arrivals products to everyone, you may not get the maximum conversions.
  • But by using Enalito AI New Product Launch campaign, the App automatically figure out Customers who are going to buy these new arrivals
  • Use this New Product Launch campaign to easily target the right audience from your entire customer base.

Clear out products that are a Risk for your inventory

  • By knowing which products in your inventory are lying idle is great superpower. 
  • Use ​​Shelf Risk Products Campaign to send such products to All interested customers who are interested in buying those products.
  • Maximize Revenue & Minimize the losses that occurs due to idle products.

Top Selling Products can make you more money

  • Your store’s top selling products are rising stars
  • Such products can make you the maximum money as these are getting maximum attention from new customers as well as existing customers.
  • Promoting top selling products of your store to customers who have bought products similar to them makes you more revenue

Frequent Selling products can be bought buy more customers

  • Products which are selling a lot in terms of their frequency of purchase but which have contributed less to revenue can sell even more
  • Promote such frequent selling products to Customers who browsed them & to Customers who browsed products similar to them automatically

All time best sellers can bring in more revenue now

  • Promoting products that are top revenue generators since starting of the store but which have not sold been sold in recent times can give a great revenue boost for your store
  • Send such all time hits to all those interested customers that Enalito AI automatically identifies
  • Such product based campaign that promotes your store’s crown jewels and can result into more orders now
  • Your store’s evergreen products can help you retain & winback lost customers easily since customers already like these products on your store

Convert visitors into buyers

  • Products which are getting browsed recently shows the customers intent & interest in them.
  • Such products that are already being browsed are considered trending products and have the potential to sell a lot
  • Enalito AI automatically creates a segment of such products and gives you the ease to send those products to Customers who have browsed them or Bought products similar to them
  • Running a product campaign of Recently Seen Products which have not been Sold Recently can garner additional revenue
  • As a merchant or a brand store owner, you can get maximum open rate & conversions by sending this product oriented campaign

Recent Sellers products that are getting sold a lot currently

  • Run a campaign to promote Products which are Recent Sellers but whose revenue in last 12 months is low
  • Sending such products to all interested customers who are most likely to going to buy them can help in generating more revenue in a short period of time