The best , The average & Immediate attention Segments

Whatever your business goal, Like maximizing revenue and profits from current best customers, Encouraging average customers  to become best. or to Winback customers the store may loose. Enalito has a prepackaged segment and ready campaign for that segment to use.

Campaigning Automation to maximize revenue & reduce customer churn rate is that simple.

Across all important customer behavior & their respective KPIs all customers are analyzed & grouped in five quintiles of 20% each representing the best top 20% customers all the way to bottom 20% customers who need attention.

Revenue boost using actionable intelligence from your store data

For each of customer behaviors, all important KPI (Key Performance Indicators) are tracked by Enalito such as Order Count, Average Days between purchase, Order Amount in last 12 months, Days since last purchase, Customer Discount Sensitivity, etc.

Combining any of the KPIs & any of the behaviors allows you to curate razor sharp dynamic customer segments needed for any business objective

Combining multiple behaviors for segmentation

Enalito’s unique segmentation capabilities allow you to utilize Purchase behavior, Browsing behavior, Email Behavior, Cart Behavior, Customer Attributes & Demographics data filters at the same time.

Example: Identify set of customers who browsed on your store in last 7 days (browsing behavior) but didn’t make any purchase in last 1 month ( Purchase Behaviors) 

Or Customers who have opened email in last 1 month but didn’t make any purchases or who have abandoned cart in last 7 days

Segment with Enalito. Email your customers like never before

Ultimately smart customer segmentation is going to give you more conversions & sales. And we’ve built the best segmentation capabilities to take you ahead of your competitors.

With dynamic segmentation, Enalito enables you to hyper-segment your customers, speak to your customers as individuals to deliver hyper personalized shopping experiences that resonate with each customer.

Customer to Product Recommendations

Enalito’s AI capabilities identifies customer intent & preferences for products they are interested

Machine learning algorithms predicts what product a customer will buy and send those recommendations via email 

Even for a new product, Enalito can tell you who are the customers most likely to buy them

Pre-Built Customer Segments for your store

Enalito is pre-loaded with powerful system generated customer segments that can be used from 1st Day

100+ Pre-Built Customer Segments are extremely important as they stay on top of customers buying intent helping you focus more on creative designing for campaigns

Retain customers who are about to become inactive

This dynamic customer segment automatically identifies customers who haven’t purchased in the last 300 to 365 days.

Winback & retain these customers to maximize your online store revenue by sending an offer or discount code via email campaign

These customers can bring a significant amount of revenue for your business

Delight your VIP customers 

Send exclusive offers & first access of new arrivals to your VIP customers to make them feel special

VIP customers are your brand ambassadors & can drive a significant revenue increase for your business each year.

Encourage Recent buyers to buy more

This customer segment allows you to never lose sight of your recent buyers & to encourage them for their next purchase

These recent buyers have the potential to become maximum spenders if incentivized with the right offers & discounts

Ensure maximum engagement with these customers to derive more revenue from them in a short period of time.

Never lose your Regular Buyers

Connect with customers who are regular buyers who haven’t spend much yet

Incentivize them with offers & discounts that appeal them- Enalito AI makes use of Multiple KPIs for dynamic Segmentation to help you identify such regular buyers

Regular buyers already have bought from your store &  with the right offers have the potential to give you more revenue.

Encourage Maximum spenders with exclusive offers

Enalito automatically identifies customers on your store who spent maximum but have not purchased recently

Such customers can give your store much more revenue in a short span if encouraged with the right offers & right products

Enalito has the potential to identify such customers by understanding customers All Time behaviour Versus Recent Purchase behaviour

Encourage loyal customers to purchase more

These customers have been with your store for long but haven’t purchased recently

Craft the perfect email message & send a perfect offer to get more revenue from them

Your loyal customers have the potential to contribute more revenue to your business

Convert your visitors into buyers/Encourage window shoppers in to buyers

What if you can convert your store visitors to actual buyers? Don’t worry, now you can.

Enalito AI automatically determines your latest visitors to help you engage with them with an email campaign to make them buy more

Convert your store’s Frequent visitors into buyers 

Enalito Ai has the potential to combine multiple customers behaviours to identify such frequent visitors

These frequent visitors showing the purchase intent have the potential to spend more by engaging with them with the right offers & products

Upsell & cross sell product recommendation to Frequent visitors at the exact moment when they are actively browsing can significantly increase conversions

Convert Email Engagement into revenue

Knowing who is engaging with your email is a superpower allowing you to send the right discount offers to encourage them for their next purchase.

Enalito makes it easy to identify purchase intent from the email behavior of customers & helps you retarget them with exclusive offers

Never lose sight of such customers who open your email campaigns but haven’t purchased anything recently

Send such customers offers & limited time discount codes to encash this email engagement into actual revenue.

Get maximum revenue from the customers who are going to buy in next month

Knowing who are your customers of next month is a super power that helps you plan & send email campaigns with the right products & offers

Encouraging & winning such customers help you make more predictable revenue

Encourage This month Buyers with Offers they can’t refuse

This month’s buyers can be a good source of revenue, Engage & Encourage such buyers each month

Maximize your store revenue for the current month by creating unique limited time offers for such customers.

Knowing the customers of previous month who are in the top 20 percentile of customers gives you an opportunity to get more revenue from such customers

Encourage them to buy more in coming months by sending them with the right offers & products they are interested in buying.

Encourage Previous month Buyers with Limited Time Offers

-Knowing the customers of previous month who are in the top 20 percentile of customers gives you an opportunity to get more revenue from such customers

- Encourage them to buy more in coming months by sending them with the right offers & products they are interested in buying.

Optimize profits along with growth in revenue

Customer Who Don't Care About Discount
- Enalito identifies premium customers 
- products with premium pricing can be promoted to these customer to get maximum revenue without offering any discounts

Customers Who Care a Lot About Discount 
- Overstocked products can be discounted and promoted to such customers who buy only during discounts