Customer Campaigns - Email Marketing

Grow your eCommerce Business seamlessly using our 100s of Beautiful, Personalized, and Engaging emails. For any business objective there are many Royalty Free campaigns available out of the box. For every occasion and retail business lifecycle a complete library is available at your finger tips.

Laser Sharp targeted segments of customers converting Analytics into Revenue

Based on all customers interaction on all channels their purchase, on-site even email interaction ratios are all captured.  They are analyzed together on various important KPIs including revenue, number of orders, recency of purchase, of visiting site, AOV, how long customers are with the stores, discounting, seasonal behaviors and many more. Resulting into identification of the best customers, average  and the also the ones who need immediate attention.

For the goal of generating maximum revenue and profits choose from prebuilt set of best customers segments. While pay attention to the segment of customers scoring lowest on multiple KPIs to ensure they remain with the store prompting them with time bound offers and discounts.

Everybody gets a different set of product that is relevant to them

Campaign to a specific targeted segment serves a specific business objective like maximizing revenue or minimizing customer churn rate. The conversion ratio of how many customers actually make the buy decision looking at the products in the campaign increases many folds if everyone gets what they are most interested in.

Enalito AI and predictive analytics engine makes it possible for every email of the same campaign to have different products for each recipient customer.

Save As/ Modify or Create your own campaigns

Drag & Drop editor to modify email template as per your need

Change Customer Segment from existing campaign

Increase repeat purchases & customer retention using Pre-Built Email Campaigns

Build relationships, Improve customer retention and increase Customer Lifetime value with each of your customer as per their journey on your store, as per their profile, browsing & purchase activity using Pre-Built Email Campaigns, 

Winback Campaign For Customers Your store is about to Loose

Our engine identifies customers who have not purchased in a long time and nearing a threshold after which most of the customers don't buy ever. These are the customers needing immediate attention. Send them a free Pizza. They will buy much more later.

Limited Time Offer For Customers With Average Number Of Purchases

Once you have stopped customers from loosing. There are these customers who place average number of orders representing the middle tier of the business. Nurture them to buy more and you have new VIPs in the making.

VIP Campaign for Customers With The Store For Longest Time

Those who were there before most of the customers on the store today are you loyal customers. Old customers like old wine should be cherished. Reward the loyalty by sending this prebuilt campaigned to enalito identified loyal customers.

Exclusive Offer For Most Recent Buyers

Recent buyers are most important customers. Encourage them to buy even more NOW. Use this prebuilt campaign to increase revenue from recent shoppers today. Send them exactly what they want to buy, to each and everyone different set of products identified by our AI Engine automatically.

Encourage Inactive Buyers For First Purchase

Your subscribers and all the customers registered on your store who have never purchased on your store, represent sleeping revenue potential. Wake them up give a nice first time purchase offer. For second and repeat purchases there are more pre-built campaigns available to generate continuous revenue boost.

Nurture the whales  (Customers With High AOV)

Whales can save planet earth. They are very important aspect of your business ecology. Send them BIG discount for BIGGER purchase amount with this prebuilt campaign.

High Discount Sensitive Campaign for customers who only purchases with High Discounting

Discounting plays a big role in most online retail businesses. If you discount more you get more revenue. But lesser profits. Enalito help you optimize profits by segmenting highly discount sensitive customers. Send this prebuilt campaign with higher discounts to this segment. Quite possibly you come up with stock at a high discount from time to time.

Capitalize on seasonal behavior

On a monthly basis different customer tend to buy a lot more in different months. This prebuilt campaigns allow you to capitalize on seasonal monthly purchase patterns of customers by segmenting them dynamically as this month or even previous and next month purchasers.

Seasonal behavior can be exploited before the start of a big holiday season, during and even after. Or on a regular monthly basis.

Repeat Purchase Encouragement Campaign

There are customers who are buying frequently. On the other extreme in last 12 months there are customers those are falling in the bottom 20% of all customers in terms of number of purchases or revenue. Enalito automatically identifies such customers needing attention. Send this prebuilt campaign and encourage repeat purchase from such customers. Show them the way to become important customers.

Second Purchase Encouragement Campaign

With online advertisements you get customer to buy once. Don't rely on ads for revenue boost. Nurture customers with one purchase to make second purchase. All you have to do is activate this prebuilt campaigns. Rest our system will take care of.

Many more prebuilt campaigns..

From Browse abandonment, cart abandonment, Miss You to campaigns prebuilt for every major important day from cyber Monday, black Friday, Christmas, thanks giving and yes scary Halloween too.

Email Campaign Reporting

Campaign performance tracking like never before with campaign data visualization & campaign KPIs simplified for you

Understand how each of your email campaigns is performing with a detailed insights on Open Rate, Click Rate, Campaign Revenue & Orders

Understand campaign performance to strategize & improvise your email campaigns to get maximum conversions and ROI 

Sustained Growth by Automated Campaigning

Automated campaigns using razor sharp segments for every business goal,

each campaign containing exactly what everyone wants,

results into a store on its sustained growth business trajectory with minimal customers leaving the store, average customers buying more on the way to becoming VIPs and loyal customer getting special treatment to stays VIPs for a long time.