Make Every Email Count!

Enalito curates each email meticulously with the right product and price for every customer thereby dramatically improving conversion rates. And yes, all this is Automated!

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Need a quick spike in Profits?

Enalito sends the most profitable products to the customers who are most likely to buy those products, thereby leading to quick profits!

Well, this is possible because our algorithms which are continuously working for you in the backend! 

Dwindling Sales?

There can be many reasons for dwindling sales– visitors not becoming customers, customer churn rate, disloyal customers, poor conversions from existing customers, poor product discoverability on site, abandoned carts, etc.

Enalito knows it all. And therefore, Enalito is able to suggest the right email campaign to fix the gravest issues first.

Unsure about whom to sell your new products to?

Launching a new product can be daunting. Not anymore! Enalito knows which customers will buy your new products, precisely.
So, the new products are automatically campaigned to the customers who are going to buy those new products!

Inventory Issues?

Unable to find buyer for products sitting on shelf for ages? Worry no more! Enalito knows who can buy these shelf risk products and help you clear up your inventory.

Using Complex tools?

Enalito's drag-and-drop campaign builder and pre-designed templates lets you craft perfectly optimized emails for any device quickly & effortlessly.

Easily design and send offers, newsletters, vouchers, product news, and more with Enalito.

Loosing VIP customers?

You need those VIP customers back on your online store! Enalito knows how to get them back and make them buy again.

Enalito studies the behavior of all VIP customers to create a segment with special offers just for the VIP customers so that they return to your website.

Quick Revenue Boost?

Enalito curates segments of customers based on opens, clicks, and purchases to send them personalized product offers that boost Revenue instantaneously!