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Engage your customers with highly relevant and targeted emails that drive LOYALTY as well as REVENUE. You can curate customer segments based on opens, clicks, and purchases to send them personalized product offers that boost Revenue instantaneously! 

MAximise ROI

Send emails that leave impact. Choose the audience that is most likely to engage and send them AI empowered emails. Deliver these emails at the right engagement and purchase time for maximum ROI.

emails to life

You can personalize your emails based on any contact information that you have and when you send these contacts exactly what they want to see, your emails feel personal. As a result more people engage with your emails.


Get a detailed view of your campaign performance. Our reports help you analyze data better, pickup trends and also recommend the next best action.

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Send confidently to a single user or millions at a time. Enalito's drag-and-drop campaign builder and pre-designed templates lets you craft perfectly optimized emails for any device quickly & effortlessly.

Right Audience

Use segmentation to create tailored groups of customers to engage with, including or excluding additional lists and segments to find that perfect audience. Share emails that are sure to make your customers engage.


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