Winback emails to win back your customers

- Aayush Kumar & Anushka Sejal

November 16, 2021

Win-back Emails are gonna Winback to your customers


For a company to invest their time and money in new leads is essential. Taking care of their customers and serving them good is the priority in business. But have you ever wondered why some of your customers phantom you? Or have you ever given a thought on that why do some of your potential customers do not knock at your door anymore?

Well, there can be so many reasons for this and we need to bring them back to us. We need to do some research on that as well. But what if we say that it can be done with less hassle and hard work?  In that case, we believe you will come back to us too…

There is a new and smarter way of winning back your customers to your website through Win-back Emails. This might sound new but this has been working like a miracle for many companies dealing with problems like this. This can happen to any company at any point time, so why not shift our focus to Win-back Emails. You need not worry, Enalito is with you on this journey.


Win-back emails, what’s that?

Win-back emails are those kinds of emails that are sent in case the customer engagement of a company has decreased with some of its customers. Those customers are the ones who were already connected with the company in one way or the other sometime back.

They are inactive for some time now but are some of your potential customers of all times. We can realize their inactivity by looking at some of the major aspects like-

· The customers are not engaging with your brands for more than 6 months now

· The emails you send them are not been opened by them or they are not visiting your website

· But the inactivity of a customer depends on the product or the brand you sell as well as its quality

Is it a good idea to send Win-back Emails?

As we have discussed that customers can ghost you but some of it depends on the product you sell. It is up to a basic knowledge that customers at a blanket store won’t be active before the winter seasons but if you see your customers ghosting your tea company then it should be taken into consideration. For that, we have Win-back emails. See, you ideally don’t know why your customers stop engaging with you but by sending these emails you can give them a place to interact with you.  It is a good idea to send Win-back emails so that you can at least understand what went wrong. Whether your customers did not like your product or they stopped using them at all in general.

A dedicated win-back email must be irresistible so that customers are attracted towards you and you become their enticing magnet piece. Not only this but your emails also show the customers that your company believes them as starred or essential customers. Your efforts to bring them back can be your fair chance at them but they might be excited to see your mail. It also helps in reminding the customers that you and your brands exist and then can reach out to you anytime soon.


Finest practices for Win-Back Emails

Every brand is looking for a suitable strategy to stand against its competitors. Even the top marketing team believes that different experiments give different results, so why not give it a shot. While sending out Win-back emails there are some strong tricks and tips to be kept in mind always.

1. Audience Segmentation- It is one of the most crucial aspects of optimizing emails. Audience Segmentation helps us to categorize the different types of customers because no two customers are alike. It gives us more in-depth knowledge of the purchase made. One must understand that all the customers are important but the one who has not come back in 3 months is ideally prior in comparison to the ones who have made only one purchase and haven’t engaged with your company in 6 months or more.


2. Powerful Subject lines- A strong subject line can attract a number of customers and can force them to open your mail. It is said that with better subject lines comes a better open rate. The beating around the bush shouldn’t be the factor, it has to be on point yet crisp. Some of the best Win-back emails can be-

· We Miss You Already

· You’ve missed over 30 new products

· It’s been a while

· Let’s Reconnect

The success rates of these subject lines are quite high around 20-27%, try these and then let us know!

3. The number of e-mails to be sent out- You should try and send out at least more than one email. This is so because sending out one mail maybe ignored or missed by your customers. One must send emails at a certain interval of time. See the strategy has to be a perfect finesse. Sending one email can be ignored easily but sending too many of emails can also lead to unsubscribing from your email because it can irritate. 2-5 emails are considered ideal ones but if only 2 emails can increase your engagement rate then you should change the strategy.


4. Highly Attractive Content- Honestly speaking, content is the key. It is very important to have irresistible content. You can put the content according to your trend. Discount Offers, Free Shipping, New Product Launch, Festive Sales etc. can be taken into consideration as it attracts customers, even the inactive ones.



Some Examples of Win-Back Campaigns

We did discuss everything about the Win-Back campaigns but we need to also tell you people how your email campaigns should look like. Here are some of the examples that you should take a peek at to get some ideas to incorporate in your emails.


Subject Line- Look at what you are missing!

Content- We have missed you a lot and we know that you too missed us. We know exactly what you like. Check out the exclusive collections that are still stored for you, hurry up only 10 pieces left

CTA- Discover What’s News


2. ABC Makeup Store





Subject line- Oh! Where were you all this while?

Content- Do you have any clue that the jaw-dropping prices are exclusive now? Get 15 percent off on your order above 1200INR. It’s high time we should catchup now

CTR- Shop Today


3. Your Coffee Shop


Subject Line- You should take a break!

Content- Hey! We know you have been busy all this while. You can take a break from your hectic life and drown into some coffee. We got winter sale up for coffee beans and Caribbean Coffee~ just how you like it! You mean a Latte to us!

CTR- Espresso Yourself



Ready for the ride?

We know that this is a lot for the customers you have lost but believe us, it is going to be worth it. It is going to take a little bit of time but you should make sure to hang in there.

It is going to be a rollercoaster in the beginning but as soon as you get a hang of it it’s silky smooth. Nobody knows your company better than you do and you know what’s important for your company. Engage, re-engage work on it.

Enalito hopes that these Win-Back emails are going to help you win back your long-lost customers.