TinyIMG and Enalito join forces

- Aananya Kalra

February 9, 2022

TinyIMG has joined Enalito's growing roster of eCommerce partners, which we are really excited about. We began this relationship with the thought that our consumers should be able to make use of some of the top services without leaving their homes. Everyone, from teens to grandparents, should be able to download and use this software for free. TinyIMG's work is closely connected with and complements what our organization works with on a daily basis, thus we feel this relationship will be successful. We are dedicated to making our users' lives as simple as possible!

We'd be happy to provide further details regarding this partnership and what our consumers may expect.

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About Enalito:

Enalito is an AI/ML-powered email marketing and customization tool that helps eCommerce firms improve their marketing experience. It accomplishes this by delivering important business insights before implementing them. It provides a complete Retail Lifecycle Automation Platform that enables businesses to better analyze their trends and KPIs, allowing them to make strategic decisions and, in turn, provide value to give a great customer experience. 

It is fully adjustable in every manner, and it presents items and offers based on your consumers' interests. Each client receives a unique set of emails depending on what is that they would be interested in. It's a platform that helps eCommerce businesses grow to their full potential.

Enalito was created by E-commerce technology experts and is used by businesses all over the world to help them speed up their operations and migrate to the digital age. Enalito helps businesses in New Zealand, the United States, Australia, India, and Singapore improve their eCommerce strategies.

The Enalito Machine Learning technology is intended to help business investors make informed decisions. It also offers continuing 1:1 assistance to ensure that your company grows smoothly. With extensive, ready-to-use connections that draw in all of your data from key eCommerce platforms and marketing tactics, you can get started in no time!

About TinyIMG :

TinyIMG is a 2018 software that compresses pictures without compromising quality to reduce website loading time. Ecommerce, ShopifyPlus, Shopify, SEO, ALT tags, Image optimization, and Image compression are among its specialties.

Image Optimizer boosts organic traffic to your online store by improving the SEO structure and speed of your site. High-quality images are intended to make your Shopify store design visually appealing, but if they are not properly optimized, they can have a negative impact on your page load time, thereby harming your marketing efforts.

Slow-loading websites have higher bounce rates, lower conversion rates, and a lower search engine ranking. Not to mention the negative experience your online visitors will have. TinyIMG, once installed, automatically optimizes your images and uploads the optimized version to your Shopify store to avoid this. If you prefer, you can manually optimize your images and restore them to their original state within 30 days. 

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Image Optimizer optimises images automatically and uploads the optimised version to your Shopify store. You can always restore your images to their original state, and you can also manually optimise images.

One can use the Image Optimizer auto-optimization service instead of manually optimising images. This allows them to automatically optimise images, allowing one to focus on other important aspects of their business, such as increasing sales. 

When new images are added to your store, they are automatically optimised. All high-end stores require high-quality photo resizing.

TinyIMG produces data on the store's page speed and SEO, as well as practical recommendations for correcting any issues found. The programme prioritises significant issues that must be handled right once, such as empty title tags, while also offering a complete summary of all minor elements that may be readily improved.

It provides app script control, allowing you to disable any third-party apps that may load on specific pages. It also aids in the optimization of metadata. Metadata is a piece of HTML code that assists search engine crawlers in understanding the content of a webpage. Metadata optimization is critical for improving search engine rankings.

Their JSON-LD tool makes it easier to generate machine-readable data from websites in order to improve search results. In layman's terms, it provides more easily indexable content to search crawlers such as Googlebot. The app also detects and redirects users from broken links to working pages automatically.

To summarise, the TinyIMG provides the following services:

1. Image optimization

2. Image resizing

3. Edit Alt tags (Alt texts) and filenames

4. Fix technical SEO & speed issues

5. Optimise metadata


7. Broken link redirect

8. Automatic SEO booster

9. Live support

10. Automatic PageFly, LayoutHub images optimization (manual for Shogun, GemPages, icons, badges, pics)


Features of TinyIMG

TinyIMG can reduce the size of your images by nearly three-quarters while maintaining excellent visual quality. Changes are usually undetectable to the naked eye.

Conventional Image Reduction

Don't want to drastically reduce the size of your images? Optimise your images by nearly a third without sacrificing any quality.

Refine Image- Related SEO

TinyIMG generates ALT tags and titles for your images automatically, which will help your SEO efforts.

Analysis of the best image file formats

Loading times will be significantly improved! Disable third-party apps if you don't need them to load on specific pages.

No technical knowledge required

TinyIMG is extremely simple to install and configure, so you won't need any technical knowledge to use it. If you have any questions, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How does this collaboration benefit our users? 

Enalito and TinyIMG decided to team together in order to make buying easier and more convenient for all of our customers. We approach it from the perspective of supporting one another's aims and aspirations while delivering some of the greatest search results to all of our users.

1. Enalito acknowledges how your buyers have reacted to your brand in the past and uses that information to predict future responses. Further, it’s distinct categorization allows customers' preferences to be used to form a focused group. Enalito's segmentation assists in building target clients based on site visits etc.

2. We resolve the “Choice Overload” Problem for our shoppers by learning about them and curating razor-sharp segments of purchasers and products, thus, providing personalised product recommendations at a time when the customer is most likely to engage. To detect and target your audience effectively, you'll be able to track every click, visit, and purchase.

3. Enalito offers a range of attractive pre-designed templates to help you create new offers and news updates, making the process of curating the store's numerous pages simple and quick. 

4. Enalito charges 4-weekly pricing after a 14-day free trial based on your monthly sales and contact list. Enalito is committed to giving you the convenience and flexibility you demand, thus promoting the monthly payment option which allows you to pay whenever it is the most suitable for you. 

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Customers will be able to comprehend the core capabilities of both firms as a result of this partnership. They may now experience a more personalised high-definition experience, enhancing the visual attractiveness of your material. Our clients will be able to earn more money while also boosting customer retention as a result of this. This partnership will help both organisations expand and strengthen one another in order to finally conquer the market and give the finest possible services to their customers.