The Evolution of E-commerce Campaigning Channels: From Traditional to Real-Time In-Bot Interactions

- Priyank Sharma

December 26, 2023

In the realm of e-commerce, the modes of communication between businesses and customers have seen a significant evolution. Traditionally, channels like email, SMS, and Whatsapp have been the pillars of marketing campaigns. Yet, in recent times, their effectiveness has been waning, with decreasing click-through rates (CTR) and diminishing returns on marketing investments. Let's delve into the challenges posed by these channels and explore the emerging champion - real-time, in-bot interactions.

1. Email Marketing: The Decline of the Inbox Connection

Email, once the undisputed king of customer communication, is now facing challenges. Inboxes are inundated with promotional emails, leading to saturation and reduced engagement. Customers are becoming adept at filtering out unwanted content, making it harder for businesses to capture attention.

2. SMS and Whatsapp: The Oversaturation Quandary

Similarly, SMS and Whatsapp campaigns, while effective to an extent, are prone to oversaturation. With businesses increasingly adopting these channels, customers find their messaging apps flooded with promotional content. As a result, these channels are witnessing a decline in response rates.

3. On-Site Personalization: Limited to Historical Insights

On-site personalization, another avenue for tailored content, relies heavily on historical data and past behaviors. While it enhances the browsing experience, it doesn't capture the dynamic preferences of customers in real-time. The challenge lies in adapting to immediate changes in customer needs and desires.

4. Web Push Notifications: The Clicks are Waning

Web push notifications face a similar fate. While once hailed as an instant way to reach customers, they, too, are experiencing diminishing CTR. Customers are becoming more selective about the notifications they engage with, leading to missed opportunities for businesses.

The Future of E-commerce Campaigning: Real-Time, In-Bot Interactions

Amidst the challenges faced by traditional channels, a new contender emerges — real-time, in-bot interactions. E-commerce AI is reshaping the landscape with dynamic, personalized interactions right within the shopping interface. With the ability to understand and respond to customer preferences in the moment, in-bot campaigns offer an unparalleled level of engagement.

Why In-Bot Interactions are the Future:

  • Immediate Response: In-bot interactions allow businesses to respond instantly to customer queries, providing a seamless and immediate experience.
  • Dynamic Personalization: Real-time insights enable in-bot interactions to adapt to changing customer preferences, creating a truly personalized experience.
  • Interactivity: Customers can explore products, receive recommendations, and make purchases within the bot, fostering a highly interactive and engaging environment.


As the shortcomings of traditional channels become more apparent, businesses are turning to the future of e-commerce campaigning — real-time, in-bot interactions. This dynamic and interactive approach ensures that every customer interaction is not just personalized but adapts to the evolving needs and desires of the customer in the moment.

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