The announcement we were all excited about is Enalito partnering up with Saara

- Anushka Sejal

December 2, 2021

Our brand-new partnership with Saara has been made live today, which is a very exciting milestone for the Enalito team. We are very happy to make this announcement to the world out there. It is a matter of extreme joy for both of the companies. We can expand and provide the greatest services to our consumers if we work together. It is true that the idea of eCommerce can be revolutionary if you have the right partners, and Saara is undoubtedly one of them.



What is Enalito?

Enalito is an AI-powered email marketing and personalization platform that allows brands and eCommerce professionals to provide customers with personalized experiences. It's a platform that also offers marketing and customer services along with engagement with clients across all digital media.


It was created by E-commerce tech specialists and is used all over the world to speed up corporate systems and assist in digital transformation. Enalito helps businesses in nations such as New Zealand, the United States, Australia, India, and Singapore improve their eCommerce strategies. Enalito is an AI-powered solution that gives useful business insights before putting them into action. Enalito informs and assists business stakeholders in making informed business decisions using the capabilities of their Machine Learning platform. It also offers ongoing 1:1 support to help your business grow steadily. With robust, ready-to-use connections that pull in all of your data from popular eCommerce platforms and marketing techniques, you can get started as soon as possible.


Enalito excels in generating immediate revenue, getting rid of out-of-date goods, and re-engaging past customers, so you do not have to stress about anything.

Let’s know about Saara


Saara is an intelligent returns minimization and automation solution for eCommerce businesses and direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands all over the world. Using behavioral science and machine learning, Saara's AI-powered software EcoReturns assists business owners in lowering return rates.


The way an online company handles returns has a big impact on the consumer experience. A negative return experience can result in loss of customers for your company. As a result, it's critical to partner with a returns management solution. This will relieve the load of handling returns and optimize returns for your online store from beginning to end. Thus, Saara understands the challenges that an eCommerce store has when it comes to product and service returns. It assists in bridging the gap between client satisfaction and profit. It is all done keeping in mind the sustainability goals which Saara has taken into consideration. 


Saara aspires to be present for its consumers at every point of the returns process. This includes providing accurate information about a product before purchase to guarantee a simple returns process.


How does Saara work?



1. Saara offers a variety of client services, including rapid refunds, clever exchange alternatives, and more. It ensures the accurate listing of products. Retain more clients by offering swaps and shop credits.

2. With an AI-based approach, it allows you to gain a deeper understanding of your customers' preferences and assists you in reducing returns even before an order is placed.

3. Saara connects to a seller's website, marketplaces, and fulfillment centers to keep track of clients' purchase behavior. From the customer's return screen to the fulfillment center, Saara makes returns simple. 

· Pre Order: Saara ensures proper communication with the customers with the correct descriptions of the products so that the wrong order is not placed. 

· Post Order: Each order is analyzed after it is placed by Saara so that it helps in avoiding probable issues like fitting issues and mistaken addresses.

· On Return: Saara re-engages with clients and tries to provide them with intelligent interactions when they return.

· Returns Receipt: It incorporates computer vision technology to provide quality inspection while reducing labor costs.


4. EcoReturns, an AI software solution of the company, assists eCommerce firms in reducing returns by an average of 30% while also satisfying their sustainability goals. Brands may employ intelligent analytics to discover and mitigate the root causes of returns. Returns that fulfill environmental goals improve consumer happiness with EcoReturns. 


5. It cuts product handling costs by half (50%) thanks to its sustainability initiatives. It also saves 24 hours per week per individual and minimizes the time it takes to process returns. The company reduces the carbon footprint by emphasizing return mitigation rather than just return handling.


 "One of the plans offered by Saara is that it doesn't charge for any product returned."

Take a look at the partnership offers



The collaboration between Enalito and Saara will be fruitful, and we hope that its influence will be beneficial to both firms equally. But aren’t you all thrilled to know what this partnership is about to offer? Well, certainly we are as thrilled as you are, so let’s find out.

· Enalito is an AI-powered Email Marketing tool that generates the best-required emails for every one of your customers. It is fully customizable in every way and displays products and offers based on your clients' preferences. Because each email is significant, each customer receives a varied set of emails based on their interests.

· Enalito considers how your client has interacted with your brand in the past and how they are now acting on it. It ensures that its distinct segmentation assists e-retailers in understanding what their customers on your list are seeking for. Targeted segments are created based on the interests of the shoppers. Enalito's segmentation assists in targeting and segmenting customers based on visits, opens, clicks, and transactions.

· When a customer enters your website, Enalito ensures that they receive personalized product recommendations. It dynamically modifies your website and displays the products they want, providing customers with a satisfying experience. It also aids them in making quick purchasing decisions.

· Enalito offers a 14-day free trial followed by tier-based pricing based on your store's monthly sales and contact list. The flexible month-to-month payment option is fantastic because it allows you to pay whenever you want. Enalito is all about providing you with the comfort and flexibility you require.

· Enalito offers pre-designed themes and assists you in creating fresh offerings and news updates. Curating the various store pages is simple and quick thanks to the built-in templates and widgets. These templates are so appealing that your consumers will be unable to resist them.

· Enalito addresses the Choice Overload Problem for Online Shoppers by Understanding the Shoppers, Curating Laser Sharp Segments of Purchasers and Products, and Providing Personalized Product Recommendations. You will be able to track every click, visit, purchase, and dollar spent in order to find hidden revenue opportunities at each stage of your flow.


Are you looking forward to this collaboration?


This collaboration excites us tremendously. How about you, gentlemen? Do you have the same rush as we do? We expect this partnership to bring new and better opportunities for both companies. It is going to strengthen the game of eCommerce. 


With targeted emails and marketing, all we aim to do is change the game for eCommerce communities. It will benefit both customers and retailers. Enalito partners with Saara, a partnership we were aspiring for.

Enalito X Saara