Product recommendation examples that help conversion

- Priyank Sharma

August 2, 2022

Personalization is one of the most important marketing trends, and it is quickly becoming the mainstream technology. When it comes to online experiences, consumers are becoming increasingly impatient. They not only want to be treated as individuals, but they also expect brands to show them content that is relevant to them.

In order to enhance conversion and ensure that your clients have the experience they want, adding product recommendations to your online experience can help you stay relevant during every engagement.

A well-executed product recommendation should provide a natural next step in your shopper's journey. Irrelevant recommendations will irritate customers and turn them off from your store.

However, well-placed recommendations can assist customers in finding what they are looking for - that significantly help increase sales revenue, click-through rate, conversion rate, and other important metrics.

But don't take my word for it. Let the numbers speak for themselves:

1. According to an Invesp survey, 49 percent of customers purchased a product they did not intend to buy after seeing it as a product recommendation.

2. Purchases where a recommendation was clicked saw a 10% higher AOV as compared to purchases where  a recommendation was not clicked (Invesp)

3. Approximately 63 percent of consumers expect a personalized online shopping journey, according to Retail Customer Experience. They expect brands to understand their interests, preferences, and purchasing habits in order to engage them contextually.


Product recommendations are the foundation of any ecommerce business, and you should know how to use them correctly.

Enalito tracks every behavior of customers not only for purchase but for browsing also. Across all customers and all products for any visitor of your site it has the ability to transform the store into a personal store for every customer. Solving the choice overload problem showing customers exactly what they want to buy.

Product recommendation strategies that help conversion

Home Page Recommendation

The home page is more often your first chance to make a first impression, particularly for organic traffic that arrives on your site as a result of SEO or SMM activity. It's no surprise that it's a top priority for brands looking to improve their visual commerce strategy. How you handle home page recommendations should be strongly influenced by whether you're dealing with a new or returning customer.

When a consumer returns, you should use the information about their previous browsing and purchases to provide recommendations that will cut the time to value. Consider adding widgets or blocks like ‘Recommendation Based on Browsing’ & Similar Product Based on Browsing


Product recommendation widget’s like – Recommendation Based on Browsing & Similar Product Based on Browsing are exclusively offered by Enalito & are visible to both Logged-in customer & visitor coming back to the website for the second time.




Other Widget’s or Boxes you might want to include for returning visitors are:

· New Arrivals

· Trending Products

· Your Recently Viewed

Your best bet for attracting new customers is to highlight your ‘Best-sellers’. Customers will be less likely to become bored or lost by aimlessly clicking around, and because you already know what your highest-converting products are, you'll be more likely to make that first sale with a new customer by highlighting your most popular products first.


However, you may also want to consider showing following types of recommendations for new customers:

· Trending Products

· New Arrival


Product Page Recommendation

The most frequent type of recommendation to offer on a product page are definitely similar product, cross-sell or up sell. Similar product widget shows more related products based on the matching attribute of the product, Cross-sells encourage customers to buy more products that often go well with the product they're looking at, while up sells encourage a customer to buy more of an item, or a premium version of a product.



However, you may also want to consider showing following types of recommendations for new customers:

· Product You May Like

· Recently Viewed

· Shop More of This Style


Category Page Recommendation

When a customer enters a category page, they are already indicating what they are interested in. Recommendations on collection pages can help businesses with large catalogues by helping clients in choosing where to go first.


On Category pages, the following types of recommendations are the most useful

· Most Popular in this category

· Trending Products

· Recently Viewed


The addition of the Most Popular widget to the category page makes it easier for customers to find their best sellers in each collection.

Customers can not only see what's popular in a specific category, but they can also add products to their cart at the same time.

Apart from Most Popular widget Trending products to highlight what items are generating sales also helps business to keep recommendation flowing on a category page.


Shopping Cart and Checkout Page Recommendation

Offering recommendations at cart or at checkout page is similar to the impulse purchases you make while standing in line at the grocery store. They are frequently, but not always, inexpensive cross-sells that you don't mind throwing into the cart at the last minute. You can also include up sells in the cart and checkout.

Showing relevant product recommendation based on past purchase & browsing behavior of customer helps to contribute in increasing AOV.



Wine is a highly preference-based industry, so it makes perfect sense to add Cross sell or Up sell on Cart page & If customer miss it on Cart page It recommends you again at a Checkout Page



We advise testing the following if you are considering implementing recommendations at checkout:


· Related Products

· More of Your Choice

· You May Also Like

· Recently Viewed

· Cross sell

· Up sell

Blog and Content Page Recommendation

A typical ecommerce site has two types of pages: shopping-related pages and informational pages. This latter type is an underutilized location to highlight recommendations; visitors who arrive on your site for one piece of content can be converted into customers.

Try adding these widgets or Boxes to your blog or any content pages:

· Bestsellers

· New Arrival

· Trending Products

· You May Also Like

· Recently Viewed



A blog on any e-commerce site serves a number of functions, such as appearing in Google search engine results pages (SERPs), highlighting new products, and actually encouraging customers to make purchases. Customers may easily switch from their blog experience to the online store experience with just one click thanks to the New Arrivals widgets or boxes at the bottom of every post.

Search Page Recommendation

Regardless of what a customer is looking for, you can use recommendations to point them in the right direction. Search pages are a great place to engage with customers who are closer to completion their buyer journey because you can remind them of items they've already looked at or other items they might want to consider if they don't find what they're looking for during search.

Try these Widgets on your Search Page:

· Most Loved Products

· Recently Viewed

· Recommendation Based On Browsing

· Similar Product Based On Browsing

· Product You May Like


404 Page Recommendation

In many circumstances, a dead end on your website means the customer's purchasing experience is over. By emphasizing products they might be interested in, you can stop customers from hitting the back button or leaving your website out of frustration if they accidentally land somewhere they shouldn't.

Try adding these recommendations to your 404 Page

· You May Also Like

· Special Offer For You

· Recommendation For You

· Trending Products

You may add ‘Bestseller’ or personalized recommendation like ‘Product You May Like’ to keep the shopping journey going.


Custom Recommendations

Apart from all the above recommendation widgets Enalito empowers you to create your own recommendation widgets with the help of predefined product clusters based on RFM analysis. With Just 3 Clicks you can create your own custom recommendation widget and can place it on any section of the website to enhance customer experience & better sales conversion. Furthermore you can design any product widgets based on any characteristics of products and put them on most relevant pages for your customers.


Every recommendation example in this blog is achievable with Enalito. Our all-in-one ecommerce personalization app allows you to control the type of widgets you place anywhere on your site and extends personalization capabilities through email, SMS, and other channels.

We work with every customer to understand the business. We come up with a personalization as well as marketing automation strategy.  Enalito makes your store intelligent, a store which understands every customer and visitor individually, and a store which transforms into a personal store for every one of your customers and visitors.