Personalization is one of the most important current trends

- Anushka Sejal

December 7, 2021

Everyone is busy setting up their lives and businesses around eCommerce in today's environment. Everyone is attempting to integrate things into and around the e-world, as well as adapting to the changes that are occurring. Several advancements have occurred in the eCommerce industry. There is no doubt that there is a great deal of competitiveness in the world. To stay in business for a long period, one must adapt to current business and marketing trends. "Personalization" is one of the most important current trends. People who work in eCommerce need to know how to personalize their websites. Now you're probably wondering what eCommerce Personalization is. eCommerce Personalization, on the other hand, is both a marketing technique and a way of treating your clients differently. Everything about your business is improved when you add a personal touch to their shopping experience. This is also one of the best ways to connect with them and know them better.


Customers expect personalization. They want personalized services, discounts, and recommendations. We have to make sure that we connect with them well, so we are going to use personalized emails for our customers. One of the most dependable and measurable channels of communication is email marketing. Around half of the world's brands feel that email is their only means of contact and promotion. Technically the best way to make personalized communication possible is through personalized emails.


Why personalized emails?

Personalized emails are one of the ways to increase your reach on the website. It is possible to create tremendous demand for your brand with the help of certain creative techniques. Personalization is the one way to do it. How can you make your website personalized? The fuel for the marketing engine is consumer data. We can personalize things for them and make their experiences effing positive as a result of this. It is simple to identify what your consumer is looking for and what their preferences are, using data such as prior activities, browsing behaviors, purchase history, demographics, and other information.

According to a survey by Epsilon, 80% of the customers like personalized goods.

When communicating with customers via email, you must ensure that you already know what they are searching for. Or what is more appropriate for your customers, who are, after all, your potential customers. Personalized emails are always the greatest option for establishing contact since they demonstrate how much the company values its consumers. Customers should never feel as if they are being burdened by the conversation of your emails. In a Bloomreach survey, it was found out that 20% of sales is increased due to personalization.


Thousands of businesses send them various types of emails, some of which are tailored and others which are not. As a result, it is your responsibility to ensure that you send them an email that is both unique and clickable. Personalized emails should be designed in such a way that they catch the audience's attention. It should give consumers the impression that this brand is important, that it has potential, and that it is making an effort.


Each email should establish a personal connection with the customer as if it were crafted only for them. To give them the finest customer service, the appropriate emails should be selected based on the circumstances, as well as appropriate tools must be used. It is essential to send out emails that convert. While sending emails is not difficult, sending personalized emails with messages that are acknowledged by customers is crucial. Personalized emails help in building a loyal relationship with customers. 44% of buyers purchase repeatedly from the personalized store. It was found in a survey by Segment. One must not engage themselves in sending out emails that only depicts the hard promotion of your goods, instead should achieve the goal of building trust and relationship from the consumer end.

How to craft personalized emails?

At all costs, creativity is crucial and is the key. It's critical to enticing your customers with your best efforts and inventiveness. Keep in mind that your personalized email should stand out among the thousands of others that your customers get in the eCommerce business market. Your personalized emails should always be focused on the customers The personalized emails should not only talk about what your company/brand can achieve but also about what your customers want to choose and may choose.

1. Your personalized email must have a great structure and should ask the right questions. It should speak a thousand words with just one email. 

2. The personalization should be obvious. It has to be made in such a manner which deals with the current needs of the customers and not something they were looking for 4-6 months ago.

3. Examine the customer's touchpoint with your company.

4. You can send personalized emails with compliments; focus on building a relationship.

Epsilon in one of its surveys mentioned that 122% of personalized emails have the Return of Investment (ROI). 


The content has to be dynamic according to the customer’s needs. Be it product recommendations, inspirational content, just a check-up or follow-up email, etc. When a customer associates with your brand, they too want to know about your new products and happenings. It is very important to treat all of your clients right with the same efforts. It is relatively easy to personalize a few emails for some specific customers but it gets tougher when it comes to pleasing everyone. Lack of personalization is estimated to have cost global firms $756 billion in lost sales at a 2019 Accenture survey. Well, that should not be the barrier for you, because we got you. Enalito will help you with all of your personalization needs.


It was found in a survey by Epsilon



How will Enalito cater to your personalization demands?


Enalito understands that a shopper's engagement is very important for a business. While driving sales, increasing purchases, and conversions are equally essential. We will make sure to build a communal relationship with you and your clients. With our personalized and scalable emails, we help you in increasing your customer/subscriber engagement. 


Using Enalito's AI-based platform, marketers, brands, and eCommerce professionals can deliver a 1:1 personalized shopping experience across all digital channels. In addition to generating more revenue, increasing customer retention, and automating personalized experiences, Enalito converts your existing customers into loyal supporters. 

We will help you with:

· Development of various required personalized email campaigns.

· The testing of the personalized emails is done.

· We check the analytics of your email and know their statistics.

· We have some ready-to-use templates for you to use personalized in your interest.

· Enalito has flexible month-to-month pricing.

Enalito's unique segmentation makes it simple for an e-retailer to discover what each person on their contact list wants, allowing them to establish focused categories based on each shopper's individual needs and interests. Enalito uses AI to precisely select each email with the proper product and offer for each client so that each person who receives the email will see various products and offers at a moment when they are most likely to engage.



In one of the case studies of Enalito, we found out that there was a 35% percent increase in the conversions. The company The Silver Room came up with some challenges they were facing in their eCommerce business like trouble engaging and targeted emails and struggles in understanding the customers. Well, we gave them the solutions. With customer segmentation and Personalized Email Marketing with offers, there was a 2X increase in their page views. We helped them by Optimizing personalized recommendation strategies and their Average Revenue per User increased by 6%.



Marketing becomes more effective when it is personalized. It improves the customer's overall experience. It all ultimately comes down to consumer happiness. Personalization Emails help to strengthen true market ties. There will be a surge in customer orders and revenue. When selling on the internet, the individualized sales experience is revolutionized.


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 Meta Description: The effectiveness of your website can be increased by sending personalized emails. Customers receive thousands of emails a day from eCommerce businesses so yours should stand out. The engagement of shoppers is crucial for any company. Enalito understands this. We help you all in increasing revenues and engagements.