Hyper-Personalization: A unique approach to providing better customer communication

- Anushka Sejal

February 7, 2022

Do you own an eCommerce store but just don’t understand what this is? Well, it isn’t something everyone knows, but eCommerce store owners must know this. On-site or eCommerce personalization is the idea of developing a personalized environment for every user based on their interests and behavioral characteristics on an eCommerce platform. Sounds like a tough and technical job, but it isn't anymore.



Honestly speaking, personalization has been something offline stores have been doing for a long time now. However, digital personalization may seem new to all, well it has a variety of advantages and features. If you buy clothes from a store and you keep visiting them frequently, the salesman will understand your interests and choice more easily. When you visit that store again, they will already know your thoughts and choices, and they will show you something you will enjoy, and hence, you may like to invest your resources in.


Similar is the case with eCommerce store personalization, but with much more ideas, elements and assets. Your customers will be provided with customized ads and product recommendations whenever they visit your website.


How eCommerce stores can be personalized?

Any successful personalization strategy involves data collection at length. This is the most significant task one has to do while personalizing one's website. As we mentioned about the store of the sales-man, they know what you like and purchase from their stores. But, with eCommerce, you know much more about your customers.

 1. Through data, you find out what their current needs are. Furthermore, you also understand their browsing patterns, and then display the most appropriate choice for them based on that. Either send out a survey to the customers or use cookies and web beacons to collect real-time data.

2. We all know that the emails we send to our customers are always tracked by us. So, we can do an Email Tracking Activity and understand what our customers are responsive to.

3. While working to determine the needs of our customers, understanding their likes, dislikes and preferences through their social media activity is an important task. In order to understand and keep a close eye on our potential customers, we must know what they are doing and where they spend their time.

4. It happens so often that your customer has abandoned his/her cart, and you notice this as the store owner. Attracting a customer is a very significant part of their experience. Using WinBack Emails you can lure your customers back to your store by letting them know what they are missing when they abandon the cart. Website personalization allows businesses to provide visitors with customized experiences tailored to their requirements and desires, rather than giving a single, generic experience.


 Here are a few tips you may follow to personalize your website.


Advantages of eCommerce personalization


Personalization enhances the customers’ experience. It has several advantages and that is the reason the eCommerce world is buzzing about it. Let’s see how personalization lift your eCommerce business.

· Target Customers: Because their demands are already known from the data, personalization makes it simple to focus your sales on specific customers.

· Generate Leads: Many clients prefer to buy things from personalized stores because they believe the company is concerned about their needs. As a result of personalization, customers progressed along the sales funnel, increasing conversion rates.

· Improved product recommendations: Now that we know what our customers prefer, it's high time for us to provide better product recommendations. The customer's shopping experience will be improved, and they will become more loyal to your store as a potential customer.


What are the statistics on this?


1. According to a source, 80% of consumers are more inclined to shop from a company that provides personalized experiences than from one that does not.

· If the information is not personalized and has nothing to do with them, 74% of customers become frustrated.

· About 53% of customers believe that retailers who give personalized web experiences provide valuable service.

· Personalization efforts have resulted in a measurable lift for 87% of marketers, with 54% reporting a lift of more than 10% and 13 percent reporting life of more than 30%.


    2. A survey found out that it reveals that product recommendations can raise the average order value of your BigCommerce business by 50% and income by up to 300%.


What role does Enalito play in personalization?


After having read through everything in depth, the first question is how is Enalito helping your eCommerce stores. Well, Enalito is an AI-powered email marketing and personalization platform that enables marketers, businesses, and eCommerce experts to provide 1:1 tailored shopping experiences and engagement with their customers across all digital channels, creating a true Omni Channel Experience.


· We provide you with Customized Product Recommendations

· Our team works dedicatedly on Email Marketing and we believe every email counts. Enalito helps your business with “personalized email campaigns"

· Enalito's segmentation allows you to deliver personalized emails and recommendations to numerous contacts and customers based on opens, clicks, and transactions.




Personalization is the new way of connecting with your customers in a better way. On-site personalization will play a vital role in the future of eCommerce, and without it, eCommerce businesses will be unable to know and comprehend what their customers genuinely want.