Partnership between Enalito & Videowise: Strategy to Strengthen the e-commerce Community

- Abhinav Menon

September 30, 2021

Enalito and VideoWise are two companies that specialise in resolving marketing issues for their customers by leveraging advanced tools such as artificial intelligence (AI). We are pleased to announce a new collaboration that will assist both organisations in developing and improving their capacity to deliver world-class services in these areas.

Enalito tackles the Choice Overload Problem for Online Shoppers by understanding customers, managing laser-sharp segments of customers and products, and sending tailored product suggestions and pricing to E-commerce businesses, resulting in a huge improvement in conversion rate. Enalito is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) software product company based out of India and US. Enalito, an AI-powered software program, which can be put on any e-commerce website (online store) to begin tracking the behavior of customers.

VideoWise, on the other hand, is the video marketing platform for Shopify, which enables retailers to boost Shopify conversions with high-quality shoppable video content, on a wide range of devices, from social platforms and in-house creative. With VideoWise, retailers can easily place compelling shoppable video content on all their stores' pages.

Utilizing both of these brands will result in a massive value addition for ecommerce stores.

What Does the Collaboration Encompass? 

Through this Partnership, Enalito and VideoWise see the opportunity to strengthen each organization’s mission and provide greater opportunities for each company to deliver high-quality results to the client and support additional programs in the future. This Partnership will adopt the most sophisticated AI tools to recommend the best marketing tactics and suggest the most effective ways to draw attention to their customer’s products on Shopify. Enalito's strong AI-driven algorithms assist clients in determining which items they are interested in, and then videos from VideoWise assure maximum engagement and conversion. We also intend to make consumer’s life easier by offering them relevant and meaningful solutions. Customers get all of the tools for a high-quality e-commerce site, as well as enthusiastic customer care when these services are integrated.

This Partnership not only gives exposure to similar audiences but even those who could be interested in what we have but are hesitant to switch. We want to attract that audience with the aid of our new campaign. We also believe that by partnering with VideoWise, we will be able to strengthen our brand association and eventually work towards creating and establishing a stronger brand identity.

A Little About Enalito: 

Enalito’s Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning platform helps eCommerce businesses by offering a complete Retail Lifecycle Automation Platform that helps businesses better analyze their trends and KPIs hence they can make strategic decisions that create value and deliver a positive customer experience.

Enalito works with retailers in a number of countries, including New Zealand, the United States, Australia, India, and Singapore, and wants to be a worldwide business acceleration and digital transformation platform. Enalito is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) software application that can be put on any e-commerce website (online store) to begin tracking customer behavior and alleviate the problem of choice overload.

Enalito has created an AI software solution (app) that tackles the Choice Overload problem for small and mid-sized e-commerce companies. When the app is placed on a web store, it assists an e-commerce business in the following ways:


  1. Understand the Shoppers;
  2. Curate Laser Sharp Segments of Shoppers and Products;
  3. Send personalized product recommendations and prices that lead to a dramatic increase in Conversion Rate for E-commerce Businesses.

What Does VideoWise Provide? 

VideoWise uses shoppable videos and automated video marketing solutions to help Shopify brands leverage their TikTok, Instagram, Vimeo, and YouTube videos to drive shopper engagement and increase conversions. Shopify store owners can effortlessly place high-conversion shoppable video content on all of their store's pages using VideoWise.

Here are some interesting features of VideoWise: 

  • Shoppable video - Turn any video into a shoppable video to boost sales. Fully customizable, swipe up mobile experience videos that sell.
  • Bulk video embedding - Embed videos on thousands of product pages with automated product-video matching. No code, save hundreds of hours!
  • Find & use relevant UGC from YouTube - Use A.I. to scrape YouTube for positive videos that mention your brand or products and embed them on your site.
  • Powerful video analytics - Track shopper engagement, video performance, video a/b testing, conversions & ROI.

VideoWise delivers an average of 4x-6x conversion rates on product pages and generates an average of 2,000 hours in additional session time each month, which is essential for SEO.

This Collaboration brings us joy and solutions to all of your marketing initiatives!

As an outcome of this new collaboration, VideoWise and Enalito will be able to deliver excellent marketing services to a greater number of consumers. We are in the process of creating customer-friendly collaborative programmes. Keep an eye out for it and contact us if you have any questions.

By combining the power of Enalito's sophisticated shopper behavior' analytics/automation with VideoWise's conversion-boosting shoppable videos and comprehensive video analytics, you can alleviate the burden of optimizing and using all of the customer data in your Shopify store.

Enalito is thrilled to be collaborating with Videowise, a fellow Shopify business at the forefront of analytics and conversion-boosting for eCommerce enterprises. Any Shopify merchant who wants to increase traffic with automated segmented marketing email campaigns should use Enalito and book a demo with the Enalito team to see it in action.