Is your eCommerce Valentine's Strategy up to the mark?

- Anushka Sejal

February 7, 2022

Hello E-commerce merchants! We hope your business is thriving. We suppose we are all getting closer to the year's first Shopping Sale, "Valentine's Day." Are you guys excited? Valentine's Day is a 7-day event with the potential to generate leads and customers for your e-commerce business. This is the first mega holiday sale of the year followed by other different festivities. This is also the start of the year and it is very important to place a high maintenance website profile of yours. 

It's high time to showcase your customers the new year and the new you! With some extravagances to offer your customers, this season of love can't get any more exciting. You must have a solid strategy that revolves around Valentine's theme and the interests of your customers. We understand your enthusiasm for the upcoming sales surge. Fasten your seatbelts because we are going to dive deep into the E-commerce strategies which can enhance your Valentine's sales. 

1. Add Romantic Themes:
The season of love is approaching us at full speed. There are numerous things you can do with your brands to excite and attract the love birds this Valentine Season. One of the attractive features is that it provides a cheerful and loving environment for couples. Choose a colorful and captivating theme for your site. It must exude a romantic atmosphere; colors such as red, white, and pink can be used. The decoration and the changed theme give an impression to your brand that you are ready with your Valentine's Day preparations this year. 

2. Enticing Email Campaigns:
As we all know strategizing an email campaign is going to generate enough leads for your brand. If you have not been doing this but want to start from somewhere, this is your shot. Make your email campaigns around the season of love. Make personalized emails for your customers and attract them to your shop and brand. You can now easily get your emails personalized with Enalito. Its AI-driven Email Marketing and Onsite Personalization will assist you in increasing sales and delighting clients. You should start updating your marketing strategies around Segmented and Personalized Email Marketing, after all, Marketers who deploy segmented advertising see a boost in revenue of up to 760 percent. Turn your Valentine's Day emails into a celebration of affection and passion. You can also generate enough leads by creating custom email templates in the shape of a Valentine Card.

3. Gift Guides are Valentine’s special:
Many people around the world spend Valentine's Day shopping for their loved ones. The gift could be for their spouse or a love interest, parents, or even siblings. Creating a framework featuring a variety of gifts for different people is quite appealing for many. This is one of the ways that products are classified based on various choices and they may also be customized. This will not only entice your customers to buy gifts from your store, but it will also make them happy because they won't have to scroll through your entire brand, but instead, with the help of gift guides, they will be able to make the right choice. Isn't this fascinating?

4. Valentine’s Special Offers:

Who doesn’t love discounts and special offers? According to the stats, Americans alone spent $21.8 billion on Valentine’s Day in the year 2021. Allure your customers with special promotions, sales, price drops, etc. You can also attract them by organizing giveaways on your social media accounts. This way, you will be able to reach your target audience and entice them to make a purchase. Voucher codes should be provided to your customers, and their validity should be limited to only the week of Valentine's Day. You can also offer your customers free gift wrapping services on their purchases. What else comes to mind? You've got it, guys! Giving your customers a free gift, such as a card or a small complimentary gift, with their purchase will encourage them to buy more. It may result in them referring your sites to plenty of other people. 

5. Countdown Timers:

Countdown is one of the most exhilarated things for the customers. Begin the countdown timer with a limited offer to entice customers to order now. Since the days, hours, minutes, and seconds leading up to Valentine's Day pass right before their eyes, it makes sense that they would rather take advantage of a good sale than pass it up. The countdown is thrilling for the customers as they are able to watch the time pass and see the deal expiring as they are only left with the option of grabbing the deal while it is still available. Target all your audience with this and add some very catchy CTAs. 

6. Upsell and Cross-sell:

These strategies have a very low failure risk. This is due to the fact that they are extremely effective lead-generation strategies. You should ask your customer to add a few more products in their shopping bags according to their personalized needs which are cross-selling. For example, with a bouquet of roses, one could ask, "Would you like a valentine-card with that?" You can also use your brand to upsell. Upselling refers to persuading a consumer to spend more money than they had planned throughout the purchase process. You could, for example, offer your customers add-ons to the item they're buying on your checkout page. Attracting customers using both or either of these methods is in your best interest. 

It may be Valentine's Day, which is fun for couples, but have you considered why you aren't targeting singles as well? Many people might be celebrating this Valentine's week all by themselves because of various circumstances. Also have you not heard of women celebrating their valentines with their female friends? Let’s introduce you all to that.

7. What about Galentine’s Day?
Presents are no longer something that you must wait for the love of your life to receive. Your brand can promote products for those who are not in a relationship and are alone this Valentine's Day. "Be your own Valentine” should be the motto for promoting "Galentine’s day".  It is primarily for singles, the "gal-pals," where you can strongly promote "self-love” and the “female-friendship” This is going to attract so many more customers than your targeted customers because, with this scheme, couples and singles both will knock on your doors for presents. This is about spreading love among friends and enjoying the day with them. It’s Valentine’s day with your gals. 

As this new world of digital commerce develops, it's evident that shoppers are moving beyond flowers and chocolate. Businesses will need to employ new tactics to capitalize on strong customer intent with so many options and gift possibilities available in-store and online. After the holiday season, if you can successfully incorporate the strategies listed above into your bigger marketing effort, you should have a few new admirers. They won't send you chocolates; instead, they'll give you something considerably more valuable. They will become your returning customers.

Let us know which strategy worked well for you. Let’s welcome the season of love with grace!