Is personalization a viable way to attract customers to new products/services?

- Anushka Sejal

February 1, 2022

Bonjour, ecommerce marketers! We wish you a prosperous start to a new year. Isn't it finally time to get back to work? Are you going to introduce any new items or services to your eCommerce store? But, are you concerned about getting clients for the same? Well, that is a question to be considered again and again because you don't want to take a chance with that right. Have you ever wondered what could be the possible ways in which you can allure your customers to purchase your new products? Well, there are plenty of ways as you will find out like promotions on social media, networking it all around your connections, offering sales and discounts, etc. But one of the most striking among all of these is Personalization. Don't you think? 

Personalization is one of the most important tools used in the world of E-commerce. And did you know that it's no more an option but more of a mandatory principle for the market of E-Commerce? Well, for your Personalization needs you can connect with various people and companies and Enalito is one such company. Enalito will assist you in retaining existing clients as well as gaining new ones because they are the Personalization experts one must say. Not everyone understands personalization but as they say "it's never too late" you can learn and implement personalization easily with Enalito. You might have so many questions regarding how to attract customers in reliable ways.  Send us your questions, and we'll respond with one word: PERSONALIZATION.

How much do we know so far about personalization?

Personalization is a modern marketing strategy in which you treat your customers as individuals. To put it another way, you treat your consumers as though they are one in a million, which makes them feel incredibly unique.

Now you may ask how? Personalization involves creating an experience for your audience that is tailored to their interests, preferences, and location, based on the information you gather about them. Also, everything is enhanced when you add personal touches to them. With the help of personalization, you tend to connect with your audience more efficiently.

However, the question remains as to what personal data is obtained. Is it also legal to do so? The answer is yes, it is legal to take your customers’ data and it’s not theft. As you collect and correlate existing customers’ information, you can have a better understanding of them, which enables Personalization.  Content personalization improves each visitor's experience since they can see what's relevant to them right away and quickly determine if a product is a good fit. Your efficiency increases and expands when individuals can easily find what they're looking for. Customers' personal information, such as their name, email address, demographics, behavioral data, purchasing history, and so on. Behavioral data may help you better understand client behavior in a variety of ways, from website engagement to purchasing habits. When you have the right information and use it effectively, almost any aspect of your marketing communication can be tailored and personalized.

Perks of Personalization

Personalization is the current trend these days, as previously said. People are smart enough to realize this. As an eCommerce business owner, you must grasp what this is and how it may help you. Personalization is increasingly expected in products and services. That's how you're planning to expand your company, right? By meeting your customers’ expectations. 

Let’s talk about some of the important advantages of Personalization:

1. Getting Relevant Product Recommendations: You may consider a person, a repeated client if he or she visits your website on a regular basis and purchases anything. When they return, though, they are inevitably bombarded with product suggestions that are utterly unrelated to their needs. For instance, during the winter season, you may display summer clothing or maybe beach products to customers who are purchasing winter clothing from you. Consider how aggravating it must be for them. With Personalization, you don’t have to worry about this. With the data they choose to share with us, we can easily get great product recommendations and people will be keen to purchase your site. According to stats, customers are likely to shop with businesses that provide relevant offers and recommendations, according to 91% of respondents.

2. More actions on CTA: It's no hidden fact that we all, who are into the E-commerce business, know the importance of CTA (Call to Action). Whatever new product we put up or products that are existing on the site deserves people's attention and it is meant for purchase. Untargeted CTAs convert 42% fewer visitors into leads than personalized CTAs. So for that, if you personalize your content or your entire website then there are high chances of an increase in conversion rates. 

3. Builds strong connection with customers: Personalization is the key to building a strong emotional connection with your customers. Customers will feel good knowing that your website cherishes them when they visit your profile and learn that everything on your website is personalized and designed for their fantastic experience. This way customers keep visiting your website because they know that you are going to provide them with the best experience. 

4. Increases visit-time on the website: With Personalization comes the responsibility of making sure to provide the customers with the best you have and the best they deserve. When customers see that your entire site is personalized, they would love to spend more time on the site. You definitely want to provide things that are relevant to your clients in order to keep them coming back for more. In this way, they can easily explore your site and check out what else they can shop from your site. 

5. Increases customer loyalty and brand affinity: Customers whose needs and wants are met by your website choose to try every other service and the product you offer. In this way, they are attracted to your brand and end up becoming regular customers and indeed loyal ones. Your consumers will feel like you are looking out for their best interests if you tailor the customer experience to each individual. 70% of customers feel a company's comprehension of their individual demands has an impact on their loyalty. What's more, a lack of personalization can really hinder your client loyalty programs.

6.Boosts website engagement and decreases bounce rates: Customers tend to stay longer on your website and choose your products when it is constantly relevant to them, resulting in increased website engagement. Furthermore, customers do not have to exert enough effort to find the desired products, which limits the churning process. A bounce rate shows the percentage of visitors who come to the site, then exit rather than viewing further pages on the same site. So with high engagement, the bounce rates will decrease.

But how can personalization entice new product buyers?

When you launch new products or services on your eCommerce website, you would want your customers to spend some time at your site. Simply glancing at them isn't enough; you'll want them to enjoy them and even buy them. This is the pattern of the sales funnel right? To attract customers for your newly launched products, you need to provide them with some fair deals scrapped out with personalization.

- Provide your customers with discounts and sales on the products they want as recommendations. You can do this with the help of personalization itself. In this way, you can further see if they are your potential customers for this particular “product” or not. It is applicable to both old as well as new customers.

- With the personalization list, we can check out who our loyal customers are and we can reach out to them. If they are loyal we can always rely on them to buy new products. The best part about your loyal customers is they are going to make a purchase on new products, and then they may keep purchasing, and that is what we want. 

- You don't know who your target customers are when you're launching a new product. In that case, you decide to take email shots. This one will undoubtedly be personalized emails with the goal of attracting your customers with the announcements. Keeping an intriguing subject line is very important, so make sure it is always around their personalized experiences. For Example, Big News Coming Up! Sales on Personalized New products. Something like this will entice your customers to come back to you for more and different products.

Enalito and Personalization

Enalito is a powerful email marketing and customization solution for businesses and eCommerce gurus that enables them to provide a more personalized service to their consumers. This platform is utilized to allow clients to engage across all kinds of cyberspace, in addition to offering marketing and customer care. Enalito is an artificial intelligence-powered system that provides critical business insights before putting them into action. 

In addition to providing business stakeholders with intelligence, Enalito's Machine Learning platform is also used to help them make informed business decisions. You will receive regular 1:1 support to ensure the steady growth of your business.  Enalito integrates all of your data from major eCommerce platforms and marketing strategies with robust, ready-to-use connectors to get up and running as quickly as possible.

You can always contact us to learn more about personalization and to enjoy the benefits of our services. In fact, we'll be hosting a Webinar on "How to Attract Buyers for Your Newly Launched Product" soon. You can register too! . This is a virtual event for ecommerce merchants who are having difficulty launching new products. It will cover all of the essentials for effectively promoting and launching your new products. If you sell online, this event will undoubtedly assist you in achieving outstanding results more quickly.

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