Importance of Personalization - Alcohol E-commerce

- Priyank Sharma

August 24, 2022

The huge rise in online wine purchases in several markets over the last few years displays an extraordinary growth opportunity for the global wine industry. Back in this Covid-19 pandemic, it's now widely accepted that wine ecommerce has seen a massive increase since the beginning of 2020.

In various countries, wine eCommerce has become more popular. According to the  Global Wine E-commerce report. The user base has grown from 10-20% of engaged, discovery-driven wine consumers to the 40–50% of those who enjoy wine and regularly purchase it. As a result, many manufacturers have seen the potential to sell wine online and utilize this distribution channel.


The amount of wine consumers you can reach is heavily restricted by conventional marketing strategies like television ads, print ads, and on-site events. Local customers are essentially the only ones you can obtain.

The possibility to reach a far bigger audience is, in fact, one of the key benefits of online sales. Additionally, wine eCommerce could help companies win over more repeat customers.

When it comes to wineries selling direct-to-consumer, more and more brands are adding personalization to the e commerce store, but many are still unaware what a personalized shopping experience actually involves and how to get started.

Marketing automation tools like Enalito assist wine retailers in collecting customer data and using this data to create hyper-targeted, personalized emails and tailored product recommendations across their online store. Targeted marketing has a much higher chance of bringing in new customers than generic advertising.

What is Personalization?

Ecommerce personalization is the process through which a e commerce store shows tailored content, exclusive deals, and product suggestions based on the past behavior, order history, and other personal information of website visitors & customers. When personalization is done correctly, it can increase sales, retain customers, and improve the shopping experience for consumers.


Website Personalization

Personalization is extremely effective. Consumers want the most convenient and fastest ways to buy and find what they're looking for. Personalization enables brands to strategically recommend products to consumers based on their individual preferences. As per Mckinsey, 82 percent of buyers demand a personalized shopping experience. The sooner you can provide visitors with relevant content, the better.


You may want to tell a first-time visitor about your winery or show them best sellers & new arrivals, but a returning customer is already familiar with your brand. This is an opportunity to re-engage customers, show them relevant product recommendations, provide a special discount, or introduce them to your wine club. Personalization on your homepage & across your website enables you to enhance user experience by showing relevant product recommendation.


For example wineries can show personalized recommendation widget or box based on previous purchases or browsing behavior so if a returning customer who only purchases red wine, you can recommend you’re most popular or newly launched red wines. Same way you can personalize customer experience by adding recommendations on region, varietal, spirit type and much more.

When wineries can curate products for visitors, it eliminates the guesswork and increases the likelihood of a sale.


Product recommendations are the foundation of any ecommerce business, and you should know how to use them correctly.

Enalito tracks every behavior of customers not only for purchase but for browsing also. Across all customers and all products for any visitor of your site it has the ability to transform the store into a personal store for every customer. Solving the choice overload problem showing customers exactly what they want to buy.

Email Personalization

Along with website personalization, email is the most popular and possibly most powerful channel for implementing personalization, it offers brands a simple way to personalize content and offer product recommendations. McKinsey And Company found that brands that use personalization generate 40% more revenue than those that do not.

A first name is always a nice touch in an email, but email personalization should go much further. Your campaigns should all be segmented. Is this customer a member of the club? Is he from the area? How much money he has previously spent? What is his favorite wine? Which varietal & region he prefer?

Apart from customer segment based on Lifetime value, club members, first time purchasers, abandonment cart, churned customers, frugality; Enalito empowers wineries segment customers & products based on Recency, Frequency & Monetary. This allows them to categories customers based on their relationship with the brand and send them more targeted and relevant communications like curated product recommendations, special offers, discounts, and more.


Enalito helps to send personalized predictive email promotions where one single campaign sent goes out to every one of customer in segment. Every email contains exactly the product which that specific customer is most likely to buy. This results into much higher conversion rates and sales. Because customer’s presented with exactly what they want to buy tend to buy much more.



How to Motivate Consumers to Purchase Wine Online

Engaging in wine Ecommerce can provide numerous advantages to sellers. However, in order to reap those benefits, you must convince customers to buy from you.

Here are a few suggestions:

· Send customers personalized product recommendations via email based on their previous purchases.

· Send exclusive coupons and invites to early access to special online sales to loyal customers.

· Provide either free or flat-rate shipping, depending on what makes the most sense for your wine business.

· Show relevant recommendation to the customers across the store, that saves their time to find the product they are looking for & boost sales

· Allow customers to return online orders to your physical wine store.

· Offer discounts to customers who previously purchased wine at your shop or tasted it in your tasting room in order to get them to order it online.

· Engage with customers on social media and get their feedback on your products, promotions, and overall brand image.

· Create wine-related educational content, such as a how-to guide that helps beginner wine drinkers choose between red and white wine, or a blog that a wine enthusiast can use to find similar wines they might like.

Personalization does not have to be difficult; Enalito's marketing automation ecommerce app makes it simple for wineries to provide the best possible experience across all direct-to-consumer channels. Book a demo and learn why over 890 e commerce retailers trust Enalito as their marketing automation partner.