How to avoid landing into People's Spam folder - Common Email Marketing Mistakes

- Kanika Mittal

September 2, 2021

It’s about marketing! It’s about trends! It’s about digitisation!

Email marketing has emerged as an essential marketing strategy for business plans that creates a channel for profits and reaching goals. The fact that about 1900 companies exist across 45 different marketing sectors is a testimony to the overwhelming popularity and significance.

This rat race requires some special skills and techniques so that the people’s spam folder is not bulked up with your emails!! Well, you came to the right place, and it’s never too late!!

Follow these quick steps to stay away from the infamous spam folders:

1. You’re knocking at the wrong door! 

Low engagements might be the reason why your emails land up in the spam folders. These joint engagements are due to the entirely wrong list of audiences in the first place. While every email marketer focuses on increasing their number of subscribers, you need to aim at the right subscribers!

It’s time to go through and improve your email list! Reaching out to genuine and right people will help you get out of that ‘spam zone’ and assist you in overall marketing strategy and business.

2. You might not have the permission to email subscribers

The first and foremost rule of email marketing says that you need to get permission to email first. It's perilous to buy a list of email addresses that violates the CAN-SPAM Act that bestows penalize the culprits. 

This implies that if you have always sent a series of automated emails to people who haven't permitted you, be ready to welcome thousands of dollars in fines. So to get rid of these couple problems, it is necessary to make sure that your visitors are subscribing to your email list.

3. Hiding your unsubscribe link

Yes, it's a fact that no email marketer likes to see their email recipients unsubscribe. But if you make it complicated for your subscribers to find the unsubscribe link, then no one can stop your email from entering the spam folder.

Also, according to the 2003 CAN-SPAM Act, all email marketers are legally bound to include an unsubscribe link in all marketing emails. Conventionally, these links are found at the very top or bottom of an email.

4. Spammy subject line

Subject lines can reflect the entire content of your email. Multiple exclamation marks or all caps and phrases such as sale buy now, exclusive offer, free money now, marketing, etc., can trigger spam filters quickly.

These misleading subject lines will tempt most of the recipients to mark your email as spam. Try using words and phrases that don't activate spam folders.

5. Sending frequently

Many companies might be sending emails multiple times a day, which tends to annoy and irritate the recipients. Rather than taking decisions yourself, let your users decide how frequently they want to hear from you, which will help in decreasing the number of unsubscribers.

You can also use specific manage preferences alongside so that you can save your emails from getting marked as spam!

In a nutshell, you can’t afford even a single mistake amidst this tough competition. So, what’s keeping you waiting then? At Enalito, we drive automated personalized communications for you. Our AI-based intelligent software monitors the behavioural data of every customer and responds to behavioural changes by recommending highly targeted personalized offers ‘when and where they are most needed. We also save you from ending in the spam folder. Want to up your Anti-Spam game?