Enalito and ShippingChimp shook hands for the partnership journey

- Anushka Sejal

December 17, 2021

Enalito is pleased to announce the addition of ShippingChimp as one of our new eCommerce partners. It is a matter of immense delight for both the firms, and we are looking forward to this collaboration. We are excited to work with our brand new partner ShippingChimp. This partnership is very important for both companies. We believe it has the potential for strengthening the eCommerce strategies for both customers as well as businesses individually and collectively. 



Let’s gear up for this and check this out.


What do we know about Enalito?


Enalito is an AI-powered email marketing and personalization tool that enables businesses and eCommerce experts to give tailored experiences to their customers. It's a platform that also provides marketing and customer service, as well as client interaction across all cyberspace. Enalito is an artificial intelligence-powered system that provides important business insights before putting them into action. 


It was developed by E-commerce technology experts and is utilized all over the world to accelerate corporate systems and help in digital transformation. Enalito works with companies in New Zealand, the United States, Australia, India, and Singapore to improve their eCommerce strategies. So you don't have to worry about anything because Enalito excels at producing immediate revenue, getting rid of out-of-date goods, and re-engaging old consumers. But at the same time, Enalito not only assists you in increasing revenue, increasing retention, and automating customized experiences for your clients, but it also converts your existing customers into dedicated fans.


Enalito uses the capabilities of its Machine Learning platform to inform and support business stakeholders in making informed business decisions. It also provides continuing 1:1 support to assist your firm in growing steadily. You may get started as quickly as possible with robust, ready-to-use connectors that draw in all of your data from major eCommerce platforms and marketing strategies.


Let’s know more about our partner ShippingChimp


ShippingChimp assists eCommerce and direct-to-consumer firms in providing a post-purchase experience to their customers. Brands may use ShippingChimp to give branded order tracking pages as well as send personalized real-time shipping notifications from pick up to delivery, including delays.


The global eCommerce sector is growing with distinct online stores selling a diverse range of goods and services. In this environment, it is extremely difficult for new eCommerce stores to thrive. Making a name for yourself is challenging, but it is not impossible. You can still change the game if you keep your clients pleased with great customer service. The power of a positive client experience is always admirable.  Most eCommerce retailers are already aware that providing high-quality products is not always sufficient. The combination of quality and excellent customer service can help you achieve tremendous success. ShippingChimp helps with the best post-purchase customer experience.


What are the distinct features of ShippingChimp?

1. Real-Time Shipment Tracking- Stay up to date on order delivery with regular delivery alerts that help alleviate customer anxiety. Continue to interact with customers after they have completed their purchases. With ShippingChimp, there is a 95% reduction in “Where is my order” calls.

2. Delivery Notification- Notify your customers about their orders in real-time and anticipate delivery delays before they occur. ShippingChimp provides personalized notifications. Lend your brand's distinct voice to your final mile updates, from traditional to wacky messages. Choose the most appropriate tone and design, then mix it with delivery status updates. There is a 90% boost in the purchase rate.

3. Branded Tracking Package- Direct your consumers to an interactive order tracking page on your website to upsell and cross-sell. After you've checked out, don't say goodbye to your customers. On the custom order tracking page, continue to promote products. A client order tracking page allows you to have complete control over the messages that your consumers see. Demonstrate your dedication to providing excellent customer service. Hold your customers' hands until their order is successfully delivered. Your company logo, product recommendations, and the signatures of your support teams will all appear on the interactive order tracking page. With ShippingChimp, there has been a 57% increase in customer experience

4. Returns Center- Allow for simple returns with a self-serve system that streamlines your return handling. Offer shoppers the ease of quick returns to set yourself apart from the competition. Allow customers to request a return from within your shopping site. In exchange for returns, recommend hot sellers. Make alternate product ideas to avoid revenue loss due to returns. Analyze and quantify the reasons behind commonly returned orders. Optimize your product sales strategy to reduce returns and boost client happiness. There is a 15% reduction in returns with ShippingChimp.

5. Delivery Dispute Portal- Take charge of order fulfillment and alleviate customer concerns about delivery. Assist consumers who want to complain about a bad delivery. With superior efficiency, manage loss and damaged item claims. Handle delivery exceptions without putting your shipping partner on the hook. The cost of a lost or damaged shipment can eat away at your profit margin. Act quickly to get refunds for goods that were damaged in transit or packages that were reported missing. With a self-serve gateway for processing refund requests, you can provide an amazing delivery experience.


Take a look at the opportunities for this partnership


As previously said, this partnership will have a good impact on both companies. What can we expect from this collaboration between Enalito and ShippingChimp? Let's find it out.




1. Enalito is an AI-powered email marketing platform that automatically generates the most relevant emails for each of your consumers. It is completely configurable in every manner and presents products and offers based on the interests of your customers. Each customer receives a different set of emails based on their interests since each email is important. 

2. Understanding Online Shoppers, Curating Laser Sharp Segments of Purchasers and Products and Providing Personalized Product Recommendations are how we address the Choice Overload Problem for Online Shoppers. At each stage of your flow, you'll be able to trace every click, visit, purchase, and dollar spent to find hidden revenue opportunities.

3. Enalito takes into account how your client has interacted with your brand in the past and how they are now acting on it. It ensures that e-retailers can grasp what their clients in your list are looking for thanks to its unique segmentation. The interests of the customers are used to create a targeted segment. Enalito assists in making target and segmenting clients based on visits, opens, clicks, and sales with this segmentation.

4. Enalito helps you build fresh offers and news updates by providing you with pre-designed templates. Curating the various pages of the store is simple and quick thanks to the built-in templates and widgets. These templates are so appealing that your consumers will find it difficult to resist them.

5. Enalito offers a 14-day free trial, after which you'll be charged tier-based pricing based on your monthly sales and contact list. The month-to-month payment option is ideal because it allows you to make payments whenever you choose. Enalito is all about giving you the convenience and flexibility you need.




We are ecstatic about this partnership and we know that you people are too. All we want to accomplish with targeted emails and marketing is to change the game for eCommerce communities. Both customers and retailers will benefit from it. Enalito joins forces with ShippingChimp, a collaboration that we had hoped to achieve. 



We believe it will be a journey of prosperity and growth. Enalito welcomes their new partner in being, ShippingChimp.