Effective ways to promote a newly launched product in eCommerce to entice customers

- Anushka Sejal

February 1, 2022

The world of eCommerce is expanding ever since it has been titled a “marketplace”. It is regarded as one of the most vital sectors of the business world. On so many levels, e-commerce has revolutionized the world. When it is tweeted that "Ecommerce builds the national economy," one can easily understand how significant it is. What else is most important is the constant upgrading and updating of new products and services within the eCommerce stores. 

As an eCommerce business owner, you must always supply your clients with new products regularly. You must be unmistakable in your product offerings. But you already know that the issue begins when you don't know whether or not the given product will be a success like your other products. Whether a company is large or small, the fundamental rules are the same. You launch a product, don't know who your target audience is, and then decide to promote it to attract buyers. The primary goal of promotion is to raise client awareness of a product's existence and positioning. Promotion is also used to persuade buyers that the product is superior to competitors' offerings and to remind customers of why they would want to purchase. However, one must not forget to conduct research on their competition, as this is the best method to keep on top by being aware of what is going on around them. So, in this blog, we'll discuss some of the most efficient strategies to encourage clients to buy your newly launched products or services.

1. Email Marketing

For a long time, email marketing has been the backbone of the marketing industry. It is regarded as the most effective and affordable marketing channel. When you launch a new product or service, you must spread the word via email. It is more than just sending straightforward emails to your customers. For the promotional email marketing campaign, you will require a team. You should not be concerned about this and should instead concentrate on the product launch. If done right, email marketing has the potential to turn in customers. In 2020, the worldwide e-mail marketing industry was worth $7.5 billion, and by 2027, it is expected to be worth $17.9 billion. In 2020, the worldwide e-mail marketing industry was worth $7.5 billion, and by 2027, it is expected to be worth $17.9 billion according to the statistics. You can leave the email marketing sector to us,  at Enalito because email marketing and campaign management are our specialties. Brands and eCommerce professionals can use Enalito to give tailored experiences to their customers with AI-powered email marketing and personalization.

2. Exclusive previews for loyal customers

As we all know, your most loyal clients are the lifeblood of your company. You're all here because of them, right? So, don't you think they're entitled to some more benefits above your other customers? We won't deny that all of our customers are exceptional, but our loyal customers can enjoy a little something extra. Make your loyal consumers feel special in order to keep them for the new product. Give your loyal consumers a unique sneak peek, which will pique their interest and make them want to purchase your new products. You can even offer them some free improvements to their purchase or profile. An online tour, preview, or demo can be held as a private, in-person, or virtual pre-launch party.

3. Go all social

When it comes to promotion and marketing, social media is the most powerful medium. It is a platform that can be used to connect with a large number of people at once. You can easily use this to promote your products and services, as well as communicate with people in real-time. You can utilize Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms to post a post, video, or carousel about your products, and a large public will be able to see what new you have for them. Instagram reels are pretty popular these days; consider creating product videos and putting them there for maximum exposure. When it came to B2B advertising, 83% of marketers used social media advertising, which came in second in terms of success (29%) behind SEM (33% ).

4. Write a blog post

In order to attract people, the brand must make it abundantly obvious what this product or service is all about. Writing a blog will assist buyers in better understanding your items and will improve traffic to the site. B2B marketers with blogs generate 67% more leads than those without. Blogging is the top content marketing goal for 53% of marketers. Your blog content should focus on the benefits of your products or services rather than the items or services themselves. Instead of pushing or imposing your products or services on your readers, you might gently advise them. It also ensures that your blog post is more than just a sales pitch.

5. Offer free sample products

Offering free samples is quite a publicity stunt promoting your new products and services. What you can do is provide some free samples of your items and see how people react to them. People can get a taste of what you have to offer by handing away free samples of your products or services. One thing to keep in mind is that you are a corporation with economic stability and have the ability to invest in sending out free samples. Because everyone enjoys receiving free things, this is one of the most effective methods of recruiting customers. Also, freebies have been shown to increase sales by up to 2,000%.

6. Giveaways are the trend 

Nowadays, social media is swamped with contests and giveaways in which your consumers participate in some kind of brand promotion task and then a lucky winner gets the chance to win this and some of your products. In this way, your business is promoted, and the winning consumer gets to utilize your product and then endorse it on their social media accounts. Giveaways are great treats to your customers and marketers. It is fun and engaging but at the same time, it is also cost-effective and has the potential to increase your social reach. Isn't it great?

7. Allow trade-ins 

This suggestion is for you if you own a product store where products can be readily exchanged. You might ask your existing consumers to swap their old things for a new one at a reduced price. This way, they can swap the products and buy new ones at a lower cost. Trade-ins are easy wins for increasing revenue because existing customers are far more inclined to buy than new prospects.

8. Share user-generated content 

What could be better than asking your customers to spread the word about your product? You might begin by asking your clients to buy your products and then promote them on social media. On social media, you can do something called "Shoutout for Shoutout." They will buy your products and advertise them in exchange for you uploading their tales and posts. This way, you can have your things purchased while also promoting them. You may also ask them to write product reviews and then share them publicly as testimonials. You can reach out to social media influencers to promote your products because this allows you to reach the greatest amount of individuals. At the same time, the influencers' following would rely on the products they use, making it simple for them to target the audience on your behalf. The best part is that people trust this form of content the most because it is genuine and credible.

9. Turn into gift ideas 

Make an effort to turn your things into presents and sell them. You can turn them into gift baskets or include a gift card with the existing product. You may also use the discounts and sales as freebies for freshly introduced products to entice clients. It also increases your brand consciousness. This is one of the most effective tactics for bringing new clients to your door.

10. Provide Free Webinars 

You can expand your brand's reach before or after launching a product by hosting free webinars about the new services or products that are at the top of your priority list. Webinars are used by businesses all over the world to entice customers, advertise products, and establish loyalty. It's critical that your webinar creation and marketing go off without a hitch. You can use this to send invitations to both old and new clients via email. You can also go into great detail regarding your products and brand. The data says that 60% of firms create webinars intending to convert visitors into paying customers. 

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