E-commerce Trends Direct to Consumer Brands Need To Focus during Second Half of 2022

- Kuldeep Thakre

July 13, 2022

Direct to Consumer brands have experienced tremendous growth due to spike in demand and turbulence & disruption due to supply chain disruptions in the last few years. 

The brands which are able to maneuver through the supply chain challenges & get ready to fulfill consumer demand managed to see online revenue growth like never before. But as the world is moving forward, the second half of 2022 will require direct to consumer brands to get ready for the upcoming opportunities & challenges.

Second of 2022 will be presenting direct to consumer brands to sell more owing to the holiday season and brands should strive to get their business functions aligned with the demand from the upcoming 3rd Quarter & 4th Quarter.

The holiday season is just around the corner and brands should be ready for it by making sure they have the correct estimation of the consumer demand and be ready with products in Warehouse. 

As Thanksgiving Day is on November 24th, Direct to consumer brands should be starting their Black Friday Sale 2 to 3 Weeks prior to thanksgiving so that they can manage & fulfill orders without hassles.

Holiday season for Direct to Consumer brands is always challenging owing to logistics & man power shortage. The only way to tackle the Holiday season is by being well prepared in terms of Inventory, Online Store Product Listings, Marketing Campaigns and Logistics. 

Here are some of the trends Direct to Consumer brands and online stores should be prepared with in order to utilize the full potential of the upcoming consumer demand in Quarter 3 & 4.

Apparel Brands:

Direct-to-consumer brands selling apparels online should be ready with the inventory in their warehouses in order to fulfill customer orders well ahead of time during the holiday season and avoid orders getting delayed or canceled. 

Apparel brands should anticipate the demand during the holiday season in 2022 as consumers will be traveling during the holiday season and would love to buy apparels for travel as well as for gifting purposes to their loved ones. Apparel brands must make their online store experience seamless and hassle free by ensuring well categorized product collections exclusively for the holiday season and be ready with discount offers to get more conversions. 

The online stores should ensure that the consumers are able to discover products seamlessly and are able to make checkout easily not just on the desktop site but also on the smartphone browsers. Special attention should be paid to potential cart abandonments that can happen during checkouts and by setting up a series of automated Abandoned Cart recovery emails, online stores can easily recover more revenue.

Jewelry Brands:

If you are a direct to consumer brand selling jewelry, your online store should have accurate information about each jewelry product listed on the individual product page. This will help consumers to make informed decisions and build trust while placing orders during the holiday season. Reviews & Testimonials from existing customers can play a pivotal role in increasing conversion rates during the holiday season as reviews strengthen the belief for new customers. 

Jewelry brands should ensure that their product catalog has enough varieties and designs that can attract new customers to make their first purchase and to attract existing customers to make repeat purchases. Jewelry brands should strive to have a strong loyalty program set up in place as it can really increase the chances of repeat purchases from existing customers as they would like to redeem rewards points accumulated from their past purchases.

Consumer Electronics Brand:

Holiday season is more of a gifting season as individual customers would like to gift electronic products to their loved ones. Consumer electronics brands should make sure their online store has enough inventory of electronic items that consumers typically would like to gift along with the best pricing offers. 

The discounts offers during the holiday season such as Black Friday Sale, Cyber Monday Sale, Christmas, New Years Eve should be created keeping in mind consumer behavior. 

As consumers would like more than 1 product for gifting to their family, Consumer Electronics Stores should have bundled offers listed on their homepage so that consumers can discover such offers quickly & there by increasing the chances of conversions.

Black Friday Sale offers & Cyber Monday Sale offers can be distinguished by promoting different offers on different products so that each consumer can get a chance to buy products as per their choice. 

Home Decor/Furniture Brand:

Online stores selling Home Decor or Furniture can make use of the holiday season to attract new customers. As consumers are going to spend more time at home during the holiday season along with their friends and family, each family strives to create a comfortable atmosphere and at home experience using the home decor & furniture.

Some customers would like to get rid of their existing furniture or decor items in order to get a fresh new look and feel for their home which becomes a perfect opportunity for Home Decor/Furniture Brands to attract customers to their online store. Listing decor & furniture products along with the most enticing discount offers can help these stores to sell more during the festive season. Along with this, these brands should strive to have more options for payment such as Buy Now, Pay Later in order to utilize the strong purchase intent created using the marketing campaigns.

Checklist for E-Commerce Direct to Consumer Brands for second half of 2022:

  • Accurate Product Listing
  • Inventory stored in Warehouse
  • Be ready with Seamless Checkout Experience
  • Integrate Smart Automated Emails for Cart Recovery
  • Show Product Recommendations onsite
  • Smart Loyalty program to reward new customers
  • Be ready with creative Ads to promote products & discount offers
  • Be ready with email templates for Campaigning during Holiday Season  
  • Partner with multiple shipping companies to fulfill orders during holiday season

Direct to consumer brands can see a huge increase in consumer demand in the second half of 2022 owing to the growing consumer confidence. Being ready as per the above checklist can tremendously help D2C brands to make the most revenue possible during the second half and to end the year 2022 with robust growth.