Does your website need Customer Acquisition?

- Anushka Sejal

February 15, 2022

In the eCommerce market, there are so many distinctive businesses.  Everyone is unique, and so are their brands, goals, and strategies. It's more akin to a rat race, with everyone competing for a brighter future for their company. But do you know what one thing all of the existing brands available have in common? Yes, you read it right: we're discussing "customers." Setting up an eCommerce business is easy, but keeping it running and managing its life cycle is a difficulty that every eCommerce firm encounters.

Enalito recently conducted a poll in which everyone was asked, "What is the most difficult component of starting an online business?" And, much to everyone's surprise, we discovered that gaining customers (Customer Acquisition) and maintaining them (Customer Retention) to your brand was the most difficult rock to shift for all eCommerce merchants, scaleup founders, and eCommerce company owners. 49% of eCommerce owners, merchants, etc. believe that Customer Acquisition/Retention is the most difficult aspect of running an online business. So imagine how difficult it is for the eCommerce industry to establish and develop a brand!

The world wants to learn about Customer Acquisition and expand its repertoire of work with it. If you have a brand and want to improve sales, the first thing that comes to mind is attracting people. Isn't it? In any online business, customer acquisition refers to the process of attracting new customers to your site. No matter how good a company is, it has strategies and activities in place to attract new customers. Any business that does not attract new customers will see a decline in profits, which is why everyone strives to gain new customers. Let's look at the basics of customer acquisition and how you can use them in your company.

What exactly is customer acquisition?

Customer Acquisition is all about bringing in new clients for your company. It is the process of adding new customers to an existing database. It serves as the cornerstone for all enterprises. It is no secret that one of the most discussed eCommerce concepts is customer acquisition because every firm requires consumers to prosper. A huge advertising budget or aggressive discounting strategies have long been associated with costly and unsustainable consumer acquisition approaches. Customer acquisition, on the other hand, is more than that, and it is done to keep customers coming back after their first purchase. It's a crucial initiative because it's all about attracting new clients!

This procedure employs several techniques. To attract customers to their companies, eCommerce businesses use social media, email marketing, paid advertisements, and other methods. As a result, brand engagement and potential customers both increase. Customer acquisition may appear to be similar to marketing, but this is not the case. Customer acquisition tries to motivate people to do things, whereas marketing focuses on raising brand awareness.

What are its benefits?

Customer acquisition enables businesses to expand their customer bases, implement loyalty programs, and reduce costs in order to maximize their return on investment (ROI). It's also the most difficult project to complete. The creation of relevant experiences and the customization of the prospect's experience are critical to brand success. Let's take a look at a few of the benefits of this approach.

1. Increases brand engagement: One of the most attractive features of new customer acquisition, aside from building a large pipeline of new customers to offset natural weakening, is that customers are tremendously engaged while they are new to a company. 

2. Assists businesses in increasing sales: When you start an eCommerce business, your main goal is to make as many sales as possible. So you need consumers for that, and customer acquisition is one of the techniques that will assist you in helping your business expand, and a rise in sales will undoubtedly be noticeable. Adding new clients boosts a company's revenue and, as a result, profitability. Profit increases the likelihood of other functions such as expansion and the creation of new items. When you acquire new consumers, you also acquire their purchasing power. Don't you agree? Additionally, when you gain new clients, you tend to grow your business. Customer Acquisition allows you to grow your business on multiple levels.

3. Boosts brand awareness: Brand awareness allows your business to enter new markets, grow sales and market share, improve brand perception inside the target market, and collect audience data. It is simple to promote your message to the masses through Customer Acquisition. It will assist in reaching out to more clients, making it easier for clients to reach out to you. As a result, your brand's awareness will grow, and more people will become aware of its presence.

Customer Acquisition Procedure

If you're looking for strategies to increase your profit margin, a well-planned customer acquisition strategy could be exactly what you need. The client acquisition process is critical and consists of three critical parts.

Identify the audience: The first and most important phase in this procedure is to target the audience since product sales should take place in the most strategic areas to reach the chosen target groups. This can lead to an increase in sales. Creating a target audience allows you to get to know and communicate with your customer base. You'll be able to make better use of your marketing budget.

Design your strategy around it: After you've identified your target demographic, you should build your whole approach around increasing brand visibility and sales. If you intend to target multiple groups, be sure you have tailored methods for each of them. Take your time, study, and make every effort to attract your buyer. The plans should prioritize client satisfaction.

Launch it! : Review your audience identification, check your strategy and plans, and now it's time to launch. After you've chosen your channels, shoot your campaigns and be sure to keep track of every detail of this campaign.

Optimization: Last but not least, enhance your optimization and measurement abilities. It's crucial to keep track of your campaigns and do what's necessary. You must discontinue initiatives that are not generating leads and increase those that are providing outstanding results for you and your client acquisition strategy.

Customer Acquisition Strategies

It's difficult to get customers to notice your brand. The focus should be on the customers and how to make them happy. Both your customers and your brand should understand it. You must always come up with new ways to persuade your customers to buy your product. Here are some client acquisition strategy ideas to assist you to attract customers.

1. Utilize the Proper Acquisition Channel

2. Determine who's your target audience

3. Building partnerships will help in increasing your brand recognition and engagement.

4. To improve engagement, video content is being used.

5. Make giveaways to raise organic awareness and increase customer retention

6. Produce Significant Content regularly to boost SEO and keep prospects interested.

7. Create affiliate and referral programs

8. Make certain that sponsored search campaigns are optimized based on product, audience, and geographic region.


Even though e-commerce is a wonderful resource for us all, there are some inconsistencies on one end. On the surface, running an online business appears simple, but it becomes more difficult with each passing day. Making an online e-commerce firm or a scaleup startup profitable and amazing for the rest of the world takes a lot of time, sweat, and tears. For business owners, burning the candle at both ends becomes a necessity.

To build your business, you should do more than just focus on obtaining new customers. To keep your present consumers, you must also invest time and resources. Existing customers convert at a higher rate for obvious reasons. If you can keep your present consumers, you will have more chances to get to know them. There are a variety of reasons why you are having trouble acquiring customers. It could be due to a lack of personalization, customer appreciation, a failure to listen to customer feedback, or a lack of segmentation, among other factors. But, after all, it’s never too late? So, unleash the full potential of your customer acquisition strategy and change the world.