Digital Strategies to battle the Pandemic

- Abhinav Menon

September 15, 2021

Digital Strategies to Battle the Pandemic


COVID-19 has impacted all of our lives in various ways, some for the better and others for the worst. However, this transition has been extremely difficult for business owners, especially those who depend on everyday sales for monetary benefits. Shifting from an utterly offline shop to an online one is bad enough, but what is worse is the drastic drop in the demand for non-essential items. And this drop does not seem to be going anywhere, which only means that the shops and business owners need to depend on marketing through social media, creating websites while also keeping track of their customers, all from their screens at home.


However, what is that the spirit of businesses and business owners hasn’t been crushed. And we are here to give all business owners some hope by sharing some tips and tricks with our audience that will help them market their product in the pandemic!


The most affected markets by the pandemic have to be related to non-essential goods such as the beauty sector, the technology sector, as well as the apparels industry. However, if marketed correctly with an online presence, these sectors have a massive scope of increasing their sales while bringing them back to what they were before the pandemic hit.


1. Do not cut slack on your marketing strategies

This is a common mistake made by business owners, whatever be the size of their enterprise. Due to the fact that sales are low, companies try to cut down on unnecessary expenses, and unfortunately, marketing is the first place they fall apart, without realizing that having a presence online will not only elaborate their user experience but also enhance their customer base while ensuring that sales do not fall down.



2. Strengthen Customer Relationships

It is necessary for business owners to understand that customers only value them if certain checkboxes are met by the company. This includes the quality of products, management of the process for placing orders, as well as the communications established and initiated by the owners. It is thus, extremely important to have positive communication with the customers, either through the methods of email marketing, increased social media engagement as well as maintaining a good quality of products.



3. SEO Optimization is a primary requirement

It is very important for businesses to have conducted thought-out industry-based research, which answers their questions of how and why. Thereafter, companies must utilize a number of tools to formulate SEO words and catchphrases which are heard commonly or are in demand in their industry. A simple example would be, that if you are a tailor who makes and sells dresses, you must conduct expert research on what the current trends are, how your products align with the ongoing trends, and what people are generally wearing these days. Next, your research must be regarding the most popular phrases searched on google with regards to dresses. Say, PINK DRESS is one such phrase. If you have a product that fits this category even remotely, then you must ensure that every time a user searches for “pink dress”, your website, and specifically, the link to the said dress pops up.


4. Video Campaigns on popular platforms

It is very important to have video content today, considering that the attention span of each user is decreasing by the minute. Therefore, the first and foremost point here would be to make short videos, with subtitles that send the message you want to deliver. The second point is to make the video attractive and make it in a manner that catches the attention of the user and makes them interested in your product. The third point is to use the most popular platforms to depict such videos, such as Instagram, Twitter and Shopify for your customers to see what they are buying before they buy your products.


5. Be flexible with the prices

It is well known that there are millions of people who have lost their jobs, are unemployed and have absolutely no source of income to survive on due to the pandemic. This means that some of your customers might have financial issues, and might not be able to afford the items you sell. Therefore, it must be kept in mind that a larger customer base can only be achieved if you are willing to be flexible until the pandemic is completely resolved and lives go back to normalcy.



But this is only a list of five possibilities. Profitability forecasts, discounts, various metric predictors, and other features were not discussed.

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