Announcing Enalito's partnership with Transcy

- Abhishek Kumar

December 28, 2021

Enalito is excited to announce that Transcy has joined our growing list of eCommerce partners. We are pleased to tell our customers and patrons that this partnership is going to deliver to them the best service and opportunities. We sincerely believe that this partnership has the potential to improve e-commerce, simplifying it like never before. As excited as we are about this partnership, we would love to share the details and what our customers can look forward to in this partnership.

Here's some info about what Enalito does:

Enalito is an AI-powered email marketing and customization solution that allows businesses and eCommerce gurus to provide customers with personalized experiences. It is entirely customizable in every way and displays products and offers based on your consumers' preferences. Because each email is significant, each customer receives a varied collection of emails based on their interests. It's a platform that may be used for marketing, customer service, and client contact throughout the internet. Enalito is a system powered by artificial intelligence that gives critical business insights before putting them into action. 

Created by E-commerce technology professionals, Enalito is used all over the world to assist companies to speed up their processes and transition to the digital age. Enalito improves eCommerce strategy for businesses in New Zealand, the United States, Australia, India, and Singapore.

Enalito's Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning platform assist eCommerce businesses by providing a comprehensive Retail Lifecycle Automation Platform that enables businesses to better analyze their trends and KPIs, allowing them to make strategic decisions that add value and provide a positive customer experience. 

Enalito's Machine Learning platform is used to inform and assist business investors in making well-informed business decisions. It also offers ongoing 1:1 support to help your company expand smoothly. With extensive, ready-to-use connectors that pull in all of your data from major eCommerce platforms and marketing techniques, you can get started as soon as feasible.

Let's now understand what Transcy is all about:

Transcy is a powerful translation & currency converter solution for e-commerce businesses, to help businesses grow and expand to the international market. And currency is a must-have feature for any shop owners who are planning to reach multiple nations and broaden their empires.

How does Transcy help your business?

  • Translates your entire store in a matter of clicks

Transcy enables you to translate all your store website's content pages such as product pages, collection pages into specific languages to reach new international shoppers. In addition, you can edit the provided translation manually. 

  • Auto-update translate content

This is one of the most noteworthy features of Transcy. Transcy understands your time constraints, and therefore, helps you just add new products, Transcy will detect and automatically translate the whole content that you’ve added in. Save your valuable time, other apps haven’t, check it!

  • Media & front-end apps content translation

With media files like photos, Transcy allows uploading images for every translated version of your store’s content. Just add a picture corresponding to each language and Transcy will do the rest.

Top reasons why Transcy is any merchant's top choice:

  • Store translation with just a few clicks

It translates stores into multiple languages and manages them easily. All you need is a few clicks to finish the store translation.

Transcy AI System will auto-translate your store into your selected languages. There are 111 languages available for translation.

You can translate all resources on the store: including homepage, collection pages, product pages, cart page, checkout page, blog, articles. It is integrable with Google API and Shopify language API.  Manage all translations easily in a single place. Transcy also translates content from 3rd-party apps (reviews widget, notification, pop-ups, shipping bar, mega menu, product filter).

  • Image "Translation"

With Transcy by your side, you can display separate images for each language to pique the customers' interest. It works quite well with the homepage hero banner.

  • Auto Update Translation, save time & effort

The auto-update translation feature lets you work all day on Shopify admin to add the new products, change the store content and auto-update your translation to the newest version. You can update to the newest translation for any change of content in real-time. 

  • Convert any type of price to native currencies

Transcy converts all prices on your store- Product price, shipping fee, tax, tip, etc to the visitors' currency to maximize conversion. It supports as many as 167 most popular currencies

The exchange rate is updated daily and can be edited manually. 

  • Geolocation auto-detect system

By automatically detecting the store visitor's geographical location, Transcy automatically takes the visitor to the familiar language and currency without any action and then displays language and currency based on visitors' location. This unique feature supports 246 countries and territories in the world.

  • Beautiful switcher that makes your store shine

Transcy provides an eye-catching switcher for switching to any language and currency without compromising on site speed. There are many templates available for light and dark themes with excellent editing capabilities, mastering every element of the switcher. Transcy offers separate switcher settings for mobile and desktop devices.

  • Easy setup and 24/7 support

Transcy's key advantage is its simplicity. Being a simple interface to configure and manage the app, there's hardly any requirement of technical knowledge to work with it. Yet, to help out customers with any doubts they might have, there is always world-class support available to clarify your doubts 24/7.

What does the partnership entail?

Enalito and Transcy see this partnership as an opportunity to reinforce each other's commitment towards serving our customers better. This collaboration is going to help both Enalito and Transcy produce high-quality results for their clients.

  1. Enalito considers how your customers have reacted to your brand in the past and how they are reacting to it currently. Its unique segmentation algorithms ensure that e-retailers understand what their clientele on your list is looking for. Customers' interests are used to establish a focused group. With this segmentation, Enalito supports in making target and segmenting clients based on visits, opens, clicks, and purchases.
  2. We address the Choice Overload Problem for Online Shoppers by understanding them, curating laser-sharp segments of purchasers and products, and providing personalized product recommendations. You'll be able to track every click, visit, purchase, and dollar spent at each stage of your flow to uncover hidden revenue potential.
  3. Enalito provides you with pre-designed templates to assist you to create new offers and news updates. The built-in templates and widgets make curating the store's many pages straightforward and quick. These templates are so enticing that it will be tough for your customers to resist them.
  4. After a 14-day free trial, Enalito charges tier-based pricing based on your monthly sales and contact list. The month-to-month payment option is perfect because it allows you to pay whenever it is convenient for you. Enalito focuses on providing you with the convenience and flexibility you require.


This partnership is bound to help customers leverage the key strengths of both companies. On the one hand, they get invaluable e-commerce insights relating to personalized marketing strategies, inputs on customer segmentation, and on the other hand, they get to benefit from Transcy's expertise in the translation of content on e-commerce websites. With these capabilities, our client's customer reach and conversion rates are sure to experience an upswing. We, at Enalito, also feel that by cooperating with Transcy, we will be able to increase our brand association and, as a result, move from strength to strength.