Announcing Enalito’s Collaboration with UpPromote

- Anushka Sejal

January 6, 2022

Enalito is pleased to announce the integration of UpPromote to our growing roster of eCommerce partners. This news makes us really thrilled. Both firms' primary goal is to serve their consumers, and with this alliance, we can now grow and provide the finest services and possibilities to our clients. We feel it has the potential to improve the business world's eCommerce game. This relationship is critical for us, and we are looking forward to a lot of things in the future.

Let’s check this out in detail.

A little about Enalito

Enalito's Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning platform assists eCommerce businesses by providing a comprehensive Retail Lifecycle Automation Platform that enables businesses to better analyze their trends and KPIs, allowing them to make strategic decisions that add value and provide a positive customer experience. 

It is an AI-powered email marketing and customization solution that allows businesses and eCommerce gurus to provide customers with personalized experiences. It is entirely customizable in every way and displays products and offers based on your consumers' preferences. Because each email is significant, each customer receives a varied collection of emails based on their interests. It's a platform that may be used for marketing, customer service, and client contact throughout the internet. Enalito is a system powered by artificial intelligence that gives critical business insights before putting them into action. 

It was created by E-commerce technology professionals and is used all over the world to assist companies to speed up their processes and transition to the digital age. Enalito improves eCommerce strategy for businesses in New Zealand, the United States, Australia, India, and Singapore.

Enalito's Machine Learning platform is used to inform and assist business investors in making well-informed business decisions. It also offers ongoing 1:1 support to help your company expand smoothly. With extensive, ready-to-use connectors that pull in all of your data from major eCommerce platforms and marketing techniques, you can get started as soon as feasible.

Let’s know more about UpPromote

UpPromote is an all-in-one automated affiliate and influencer marketing solution. With UpPromote, you can create a professional affiliate program and quickly approach potential affiliates. It was released in May 2019 with the goal of providing Shopify merchants with a robust solution to easily develop, administer, and grow their affiliate networks.

Customers' feedback has been gathered over time, issues have been resolved, and app features have been adjusted to provide the best product they believe is worth a try. You may build an endless number of offers with UpPromote, get affiliates to join up on a registration form, and then let them market your products via links or vouchers.

Some of the points that make UpPromote stand out:

  • The process is simple: You'll be ready in minutes thanks to quick onboarding and thorough instructions.
  • UpPromote Marketplace: List your offer on the UpPromote marketplace to get discovered by potential partners and influencers.
  • Process of tracking that is dependable: Track every click, as well as orders from affiliates, using a variety of tracking methods.
  • Customize everything to match your brand and have complete control over how ambassadors mention your company.


With the help of this diagram, we can find out how does the UpPromote’s app work:

Roles of UpPromote

Assist with the setup process 

- Everything is pre-made and thoroughly explained, including an Affiliate program, an Affiliate signup form, email templates, and more.

- Our Quickstart and Checklist make it easy to get ready by keeping track of critical setup.

Referrals are automatically tracked

-The referral order will be immediately and promptly recorded.

- Affiliate commission is determined instantly based on the program commission structure.

- Payout information is clearly shown, along with precise instructions.

Analyze and report

-Visually display and analyze affiliate performance, including affiliate clicks, sales, orders, and products purchased.

UpPromote and its features

UpPromote offers Shopify merchants several useful features to help them recruit, build, track, and manage their affiliate campaigns professionally.

  • UpPromote Marketplace: Top Shopify deals are available in our Marketplace for any affiliate to join and apply for. Affiliates can also filter offers based on categories, payment methods, commission structures, and even lifetime commissions. The offer format applies to all profiles.
  • Multi-level Marketing: Multi-level marketing (MLM), often known as network marketing, is a popular and promising strategy of rapidly growing a business by utilizing a large number of affiliates. MLM allows each affiliate to welcome and recruit others into the network, allowing your company to reach a larger number of potential clients through a variety of marketing channels and activities. Ambassadors' revenues are drawn from two main sources. The commission paid for completing promotion efforts that they brought is the first source of money. It can take the shape of customer referral orders, shares, or other forms of participation. The second source is the network commission, which is based on purchases made by downline distributors. 
  • Convert customers into affiliates: You can use UpPromote to make a post-purchase popup. A popup will appear on the Thank you page (after checking out) to present your affiliate program after a consumer successfully puts an order from your shop. A message appears in the popup inviting individuals to join a win-win affiliate program with you. When a customer hits the accept button on the popup, our system creates an affiliate account for them and displays an affiliate link right away. After your consumer clicks, an email will be sent to them. The affiliate link, account login link, and default password are all included in the email.
  • In-app Chatting: They designed the in-app chat tool to assist you in successfully communicating with your affiliate team. You can now send direct messages to your affiliates from within the app. 
  • Auto-tier commission: Affiliates would receive tiered commissions if they reached a specific total referral order value, total referral order number, or a total earned commission value. These plans, when well-designed, can boost your overall performance while being simple to implement, comprehend, and share.
  •  Automatic payout via PayPal: You may pay your affiliates automatically with only a few clicks with this function.
  • Pricing Plans: They provide different solutions for Shopify merchants with price plans. So they can decide which is the best fit for their company. They also provide a FREE PLAN for merchants who want to receive a better first impression before making a final decision, as well as for affiliate marketers who are just getting started. 

What Does the Collaboration Encompass?

Enalito and UpPromote see this partnership as an opportunity to strengthen each organization's mission and give more options for each company to produce high-quality results for clients and support future programs.

  1. Enalito considers how your customers have reacted to your brand in the past and how they are reacting to it currently. Its unique segmentation ensures that e-retailers understand what their clientele on your list is looking for. Customers' interests are used to establish a focused group. With this segmentation, Enalito supports in making target and segmenting clients based on visits, opens, clicks, and purchases.
  2. We address the Choice Overload Problem for Online Shoppers by understanding them, curating laser-sharp segments of purchasers and products, and providing personalized product recommendations. You'll be able to track every click, visit, purchase, and dollar spent at each stage of your flow to uncover hidden revenue potential.
  3. Enalito provides you with pre-designed templates to assist you to create new offers and news updates. The built-in templates and widgets make curating the store's many pages straightforward and quick. These templates are so enticing that it will be tough for your customers to resist them.
  4. After a 14-day free trial, Enalito charges tier-based pricing based on your monthly sales and contact list. The month-to-month payment option is perfect because it allows you to pay whenever it is convenient for you. Enalito focuses on providing you with the convenience and flexibility you require.


This partnership not only introduces similar audiences to what we have to offer, but it also promotes those who may be interested but are hesitant to move. We hope to attract that audience with the help of our new campaign. We also believe that working with UpPromote will help us boost our brand association and, as a consequence, work toward developing and strengthening a better brand identity.

We're ecstatic about this cooperation, and we're sure you are, too. All we want to do with tailored emails and marketing is change the game for eCommerce communities. Both customers and retailers will benefit from it. Enalito has partnered with UpPromote, a collaboration that we had hoped to forge.