6 Reasons Why Retailers Trust Enalito’s On-Site Personalization Solution

- Amit Koshal

August 21, 2021

On-site personalization for an eCommerce site deems to be inevitable. It definitely has become a matter of a brand’s pride and indicates that the business is committed towards its customers and thinks thoroughly about improving their shopping experience. With customers at the benefit, the business is bound to enjoy the returns!

In order to implement on-site personalization, Enalito’s Assister – product offering from Enalito supports e-retailers of all scales – small, medium and large and easily aligns with business institution’s goals.

Here are the reasons why Enalito has proven to be an ultimate game-changer for retailers and an edge above the other market tools.

1. Product Specific Recommendations

Traditionally, retailers are known to have abundant varietal in the products they offer. With lots of distinguishable factors that often become product USPs and inturn a demand factor, retailers choose Enalitoas it shows more of these distinguishable specifics based products that have interested the visitors. That’s a great sales jump technique as we know it.

Be it a product category, products coming from a different region, products from a specific producer, products by style or ingredients, Enalito Assister assists customers to browse more of these products on the product page they’ve shown interest in.

This saves customers with the hassles of searches, applying lots of filters; resulting in engagement. Voila! Big problem solved!

2. AI-Powered Accurate Real-Time Recommendations

Reading a customer’s mind by search and giving them what they want to form a strong base for Enalito’s ideology and its buildup. eCommerce and technology experts have put in their expertise in Enalito that’s reaping results for retailers in New Zealand, USA, India, Australia, and Singapore.

Enalito combines the two most popular recommendation methods in Ecommerce – Content-Based and Collaborative Filtering for its recommendation engine but of course with a personal touch.

Enalito’s approach to ‘Customers Who Bought This (Product – X) Also Bought(Y/Z/A) goes beyond the market practice. Enalito shows a mix of Also Bought (Y/Z/A) + Similar To Also Bought (P/Q/R) + Also Bought Similar Products To X. At one glance, customers could see a range of different product varietals.

Its patent-pending technology masterly recommends and personalizes customers’ shopping journey in real-time; just along with the customer’s searches. It’s a powerful recommendation engine solution that captures both of customer’s purchasing as well as browsing behavior. A truly benevolent online shopping assistant indeed; hence the name -Assister.

“Our customers find ease in their shopping experience and are happy to receive personalized touch digitally. Our sales are on the rise with Enalito. I am extremely happy with this platform and its team.” – Vipul, CEO Electronics Comp

3. Personalization For Even First Time Visitors

Enalito Assister assists new visitors on your site in the absence of any credentials. This means easy access to products and personalization service without signing up or logging in. Such practice assures customers getting absorbed in the shopping experience more even when they choose not to give out their details.

According to the study conducted by Blue Research, four out of five, or 86% of users feel bothered when they’re prompted to create new accounts on websites.

What companies fail to understand is that a user often is a customer for a lot of entities and not just unique to them. Filling out biodata everywhere deems to be frustrating and time-consuming. Does this mean you got to let go of your customers without giving them the lure of shopping at your site? Absolutely not! Which is why Enalito’stech team embedded ‘personalization for the first time visitors too’ into its algorithms.

A win-win situation for all since retailers can bet on customers converting into shoppers and thus, giving out the details on the checkout page.

4. Control Over Personalization

Enalito understands that every business works differently on its own set of principles. Each brand has its background story and likes to wrap up the customers in their brand vibe.

Even everything being automated, Enalito lets you take control over what you would like to show, how will you show it and how many at a time.

A) Look & feel: With templates that align with webshop’s aesthetics, Enalito’s design and tech experts ensure there’s no difference between recommendation widgets and the website’s design.

“The technical support team promptly addresses any support issues and worked with Lily to ensure that Enalito’s templates match the aesthetics of Lily’s e-commerce site.”
Kevin, Owner Lily Charleston

B) UnlimitedRecommendation Widgets, Each Modifiable: ‘Customizable’ being Enalito’s core feature, retailers get to decide widget’s name, products to show in those widgets and can even enable or disable as per their suitability.

This way, retailers get to be creative and experimental about what suits on their site without being an IT Guru.

5. Creates Cross Sell and Up Sell Opportunities

Enalito helps retailers achieve more with their existing sales opportunity. When customers are on their way to make a purchase, they are shown ‘More Of Your Choice’, ‘Customers Who Bought This Also Bought’, ‘Your Recent Views’, ‘Popular Products’, ‘Featured Products’, and more like these.

Such displays encourage customers to add more to their existing cart or replace products with higher-end product alternatives.

These smart recommendations accurately predict what customers are likely to buy and show exactly that. This acts as an excellent sales booster and even delights customers!

6. Automated Product Clusters

Enalito eases out the complex approaches to operate technology. Because of its extremely friendly and retailer orientated design and user experience, retailers can focus more on their business rather than understanding how to do what in Enalito.

With this approach, our entire product suite intelligently performs the action as per your decision minus the complex and technical operations. This is why we have automated Product Clusters in Assister.

All products from the catalog are classified into different product clusters. The similar kinds are clubbed on the basis of their attributes. These pre-made clusters help retailers to choose products for placing in the recommendation widgets of their choice. Although retailers can always add their own product clusters.

Enalito continues winning the trust of retailers worldwide with its AI-based solutions. Our drive to make retailers happy and their customers happier has immensely contributed to the retailer’s growth, visibility, and affinity.

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