5 Ways to Attract Customers to your Online Store

- Haasshim

August 21, 2021

You enter a supermarket and get fascinated by the various lit-up areas highlighting all their products. You know what you want, and the signs all over the shop help you buy whatever you need. Various workers will help you around the shop and pitch some products too. But an online store differs massively from a real-life store. In a world of clicks and carts, engaging customers has become a difficult task.
Businesses have shifted from prioritizing their products to prioritizing consumers’ needs. As a result, each client has different conditions, yearns for a different experience, and has various expectations when shopping at your online store. Meeting that many clients’ needs can be very difficult; however, it is feasible.
Several organizations may have burned through a huge number of dollars to expand their client commitment on the web, and if you are simply beginning your business, spending that much cash on only one part of your online store is outlandish. However, does that mean you need to give up? Definitely not! You need to be wise and sharp with the way you engage your customers.

Here are five ways to draw in clients in an online store without burning a hole in your pockets:

Leverage AI for Value-Added Push Notifications

Notifications play a very important yet fragile role in the engagement factor. Regular notifications can be generic as well as irritating. They do not have much of an impact with regards to client commitment.

Value-Added Push Notifications are notifications that are customized to coordinate with the particular inclinations of every one of your clients.  Does it seem like it is impossible to send personalized notifications to hundreds of thousands of clients?

This is where technology and cutting-edge features of applications like Enalito come to play. They have extremely valuable features that can help convey the message that has the highest possibility of the customer clicking on it. This is done to every one of your clients, making it invaluable for your business.
These personalized notifications lead to a significant rise in customer engagement. Subsequently, it further leads to customers purchasing items that would not have taken place without these notifications.

Set-up triggered marketing emails

Email marketing is a valuable part of a company that must be taken seriously. Emails are one of the oldest and efficient ways of official communication. In a world where 293 billion emails are being sent every day, a company cannot afford to not capitalize on this.

But emails are not always opened. For example, most official emails sent to customers from businesses are left unopened. This is due to the emails following an overused and boring template that the clients are not interested in. So how do we change this template? Triggered marketing emails are the key to this problem.

A statistic shows that triggered emails have a 70.5% higher opening rate as compared to other emails. The vast difference in the opening rates is due to customers reading what they expected to read.

A few examples of personalized triggered emails are:
1) Sign up affirmation or a ‘Welcome’ email
2) Order affirmation
3) Seasonal deals
4) Festive seasons offer

If your business has not taken the opportunity to use triggered emails, now is the right time to hop on to this valuable piece of marketing. These advertising messages can even contain product suggestions for every one of your clients, depending on their past buys or clicks.

This may seem like a lot of work and technology. It may seem expensive too. Yet it is very simple if you use services like Enalito, which can provide you with all this as well. You should simply set the triggers and conditions to convey the automatized messages. Then, the technology takes care of the rest while you cherish the never-seen-before amount of engagement in your website.

Have a Clean and Neat Website

One explanation behind low client viewership in online stores is a messy website. The idiom “First impression is the last impression” fits perfectly in this unique situation. On the off chance that a user goes over your online store searching for something and could not find the item easily, the chances of the customer returning to your website is close to zero. Having a clean and easy-to-read website is important for customers’ engagement.

Getting the landing page of your online store to look presentable and engaging is vital. In addition, there ought to be a proper call-to-action, appropriate product recommendations from searches, and a marketing campaign with an unambiguous message. Every one of these elements plays an enormous part in deciding a client’s first impression of your online store. It is the deciding factor on whether the client is returning to your store or not.

It is a confusing task to declutter your website and optimize your landing page. However, Enalito can help you make life easier. Website optimization is also a key feature of Enalito. You can decide which products or widgets to be displayed using automation.

Work on your Product Page

Online retailers are more focused on the landing page and the checkout page that they forget the middle ground that is the most important- the product page. At the point when a client lands on your store’s site, it is the item page that will eventually decide whether the individual will change over into a paying client or not.

Consumers need to be constantly updated on what the store provides. With dazzling discount offers and proper product placement, your product’s page must ensure your client’s next step is the checkout. Therefore, an online store needs to have an interactive and informative product page for customer retention.

Showing tweaked item suggestions on your store’s site is one approach to deal with this issue. This is again something that Enalito and their AI-driven service can help you with. It can make item recommendations for clients even with New Arrivals depending on their previous buys and the existing items in your store. This is an exclusive feature that many online stores fail to do, leading to falls in customer visits. Again, Enalito enhances the customer viewing experience.

Post-Purchase Services

One must ensure the service their online store provides stands out from other competitors. Post-purchase services play an important role in elevating your store quality. Tracking emails and order confirmation emails are examples of post-purchase services you have to implement for better engagement. Other services include free shipping and no-cost return within 30 days of purchase.

Customer feedback is vital for a store’s growth. Unless you understand what a customer has to say about your product, there can be no proof of growth. Adding a review for your product and service can make the customer’s shopping experience peaceful and lively.

Another fascinating feature of Enalito that can help online stores, in this case, is its order follow-up and offers post-sales assistance. This attribute can help you build your business’ goodwill and ensure the growth of your product in the right way.

Start your Business the Right Way

Customer engagement is vital for the growth of your business.

It is important to understand your audience and play your cards wisely. You must embrace technology and use it to your growth and advantage. The above outlined ways are few of the various ways a business can change for organic growth.

Connect with your audience, understand your business and watch it grow along with you soon.

Technology can be confusing but Enalito can make it easier