5 Big Turn Off's of Any Online Store

- Kanika Mittal

September 1, 2021


Yes, you heard it right. Being everything online has become one of the most prominent and eminent trends throughout the globe across diverse sectors. 

With everyone getting locked up in the comfort of their rooms, online shopping has gained a spotlight due to its ever-increasing craze and demand amongst people. That's the driving force behind billions of online stores that have been serving different kinds of customers. So this competition requires something unique and extraordinary without any mistakes to differentiate oneself from the mainstream line.

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According to recent surveys, it has been proven that about 55% of people scroll down the online stores to get refreshed and relaxed!! Customers are believed to be the 'God' of any business. 

But this very purpose fails when the fast-changing banners force your clients to read hurriedly, which raises excessive levels of discomfort and confuses visitors who cannot find any clear indication of how to stop the carousel. It's a bit annoying when certain things move on the screen, and that too without any control.

It's time to make your customers happy and let them have control over their experience at your store!


People reach out to online stores because they don't have time to browse the offline showrooms. When the customer looks at the menu options, they click the 'back' option because your site lacks the 'easy to buy quality. 

For your customers to have an endearing experience at your online store, it is a must to have an organised and labelled site that satisfies the quest of your visitors and direct them to their 'right product'.


With everything becoming online and things getting done in just a click, first search engines have become the need of the hour. All those sophisticated search engines that don't support hyphens, plurals, typos, and other query terms take just a second for the customer to leave that shopping site.

The extensive list of search results accompanied by some unnecessary filters annoy the visitors as they don't get the desired product, which ultimately fails the perception of easy buying at online stores.



The primary reason for about 48% of people who prefer online stores are reasonable costs. They tend to get the desired product while striking a good deal at online stores, making the customers proud.

But surprisingly, at the payment portal, certain extra and unnecessary charges add up, for instance, taxes, delivery charges, packaging costs, and so on, which demotivates the customers to carry forward the payment procedure. The statistics stand at 44%, which is exceptionally high.


You are making a huge mistake if you feel that having a plethora of positive reviews can help attract customers. Reviews are just a medium for the customers to reach out at an informed decision. 

Hence, your online store must have both positive and negative reviews so that the customer can have faith and trust in you, which will help build an excellent rapport between the two in the future. 

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