25 Female Entrepreneurs in Ecommerce

- Anushka Sejal

December 29, 2021

“The E-commerce industry is a force that no investor can afford to ignore” ~ Cushla Sherlock, Former Corporate Communications at SonicEmotion AG

For many decades, women have been setting the way for entrepreneurs in every industry. Women entrepreneurs have been able to overcome economic and business demands to be the greatest. Females have been leading all the industries so far, and eCommerce is also one of them. It takes a lot of effort to start a business. Every entrepreneur, however, must begin somewhere. There is no magic formula for launching a successful business. Business, on the other hand, is free of bias. It makes no difference when or where you begin your adventure and who is beginning it. 

Women-owned businesses are playing an increasingly important role in society, encouraging others and creating more job opportunities around the country. To promote balanced growth in the country, there is a need for women entrepreneurs to thrive in a sustainable way. Every Ecommerce journey is incomplete without the necessary AI presence like Enalito and others. Enalito brings you the list of 25 Women Entrepreneurs around the globe, who are not just successful but an inspiration for the upcoming generation. 

1. Mariam Naficy: Mariam Naficy is the CEO and Founder of Minted. Minted crowdsources stationery designs from online competitions, and then community members vote on which designs to print and sell. Mariam is a venture capitalist and angel investor who specializes in businesses that revolve around e-commerce, marketplaces, communities, or content. In 1998, Mariam created and maintained Eve.com, the first beauty e-commerce site in the United States. Mariam has made early investments in a number of companies, including Reddit, Gusto, Color, Our Place, Madison Reed, Middesk, and others. They make holiday cards, wedding invitations, birth announcements, and any other stationery that commemorates life's milestones. Naficy was named as one of the 25 Most Creative People in Business by Fast Company in 2013, whereas Minted was named as one of 2014’s 10 Most In-demand Startups by LinkedIn.

2. Agathe Molinar: Agathe Molinar is the founder and CEO of Lemon Curve. It was founded in 2011. LEMON CURVE is an exclusive fashion brand from MEMSAAB. They provide you with access to a wide range of products. Lemon Curve, the go-to brand for the coolest in online fashion, provides exquisite, high-quality items. Agathe went to the School of Gardens (Houston) for her schooling. Before Lemon Curve, she also founded another company called EasyLife Pack. She has also worked as a Business Consultant and Bookkeeper at Mark's Bookkeeping Services

3. Ericka Perry: Ericka Perry established The Stork Bag, the first reusable OB-GYN-approved pregnancy subscription bag, to make a difference in the lives of mothers. It is a firm that caters to the needs of women and tries to empower them through their journey into and through parenthood. It was founded in 2014 and will be acquired by Reimar Group in September 2021. It is managed and run by a group of mothers. Ericka is also a social philanthropist who works with Alpha House-Tampa, the YWCA, and Foundations of Life Pregnancy Center to provide mentorship and services to young moms, as well as SMA to provide in-kind presents for women in recovery. Ericka has also appeared on Fox, ABC, NBC, and other media channels, and she was dubbed a Mover & Shaker by ChicagoWoman Magazine. Stork Nail Polish, Ericka's vegan-friendly, toxin-free nail polish collection, debuted in 2019. 

4. Anushika Luthra: After two years of freelancing as a painter/designer/art director, Anushika Luthra, a graduate of SRCC, Delhi University, launched The Mush Room. It is an Indian ArtWear/Streetwear label with a distinctive, youthful flair. The company specializes in hand-painted and hand-crafted clothing. It has been described as a mash-up of art and design found in clothes and collectibles, as the name implies.  

5. Laura Benson: She is the owner and CEO of Filly Flair. Laura founded Filly Flair in 2010 with very little capital and no prior experience in the fashion or technology industries. She learned how to develop her initial website and start creating a brand on social media with no money through a lot of self-education and incredible amounts of work that go into companies. Five years later, the company has grown into a massive online shop with 30 employees, as well as a flagship location in Sioux Falls. Filly Flair Boutique is a large online business that specializes in adorable and comfy apparel for genuine ladies. She says that “I am a dreamer, a strong Christian, and am always working on my next big idea. I will forever be a farm girl and accredit my ability to almost never stop working, to my upbringing on a dairy farm.”

6. Alice Kittrell: Alice Kittrell co-founded Outgift in 2016 with the conviction that gift-giving should be a memorable experience for both the giver and the recipient. Gift-giving is extremely satisfying for CEO and Co-Founder Kittrell. “We believe that there is a right gift for every occasion and person and we will find it.”-Alice Kittrell, Founder of Outgift. Kittrell, who had always wanted to start her own business, saw an opportunity to help others experience her joy in giving gifts – and to establish a position in a burgeoning sector. The global personalized gift market is expected to reach $32 billion by 2021, with the Americas leading the way.

7. Steph Korey: Steph Korey is an entrepreneur, early-stage investor, and co-founder of Away, a travel company that offered high-quality luggage where she served as CEO from 2015 until 2020. The company grew to 39 countries and was valued at $1.4 billion under Steph's leadership. Steph was the Head of Supply Chain at Warby Parker before launching Away. In 2018 and 2019, Steph was named one of Goldman Sachs' 100 Builders + Innovators, and Away was named one of Fast Company's World's Most Innovative Companies twice. Steph also invests in and advises startups in their early stages. She believes that while talent is widely dispersed, the opportunity is not, and she makes the majority of her investments in companies formed by entrepreneurs from underrepresented backgrounds.

8. Cristina Verclare: The CEO and buyer of Verclare Boutique, Cristina Verlclare founded this in 2015 in Illinois Area. VerClare Boutique is a store that caters to mothers, working women, and hardworking college students who want to look well but don't have time to go shopping or put ensembles together. They assist in the selection of beautiful yet conservative products that are simple to pair. VerClare Boutique's operations are managed by Cristina. She continues to monitor the company to ensure that it is functioning within budget and fulfilling sales targets. She also develops and implements long-term customer retention methods and maintains a consistent marketing campaign.

9. Yosha Gupta: MeMeraki was founded by a Non-Resident Indian, Yosha Gupta. She was also the founder of a cashback app and worked as a digital consultant for the World Bank Group in Asia. MeMeraki is a brand that uses technology, new items, and narrative to help Indian heritage and traditional Indian arts thrive. It makes handcrafted hand-painted handbags and gives local artisans a global platform to teach their craft through online art classes. Its mission is to digitize all of India's heritage arts and crafts in order to provide artisans with sustainable livelihoods while also unlocking creative human potential globally. Yosha is rethinking the artisan creator economy's future.

10. Angelina Handayani: She is the Founder and Creative Director at Mahisi. Angelina launched Mahisi, a handbag, and accessories line, to assist craftsmen in escaping poverty. Mahisi is the result of a combination of her love of design, respect for Indonesian culture, and desire to give back. Totes, purses, backpacks, and yoga straps are among the items available. Each piece is skillfully handcrafted to highlight its beauty and uniqueness while also ensuring its utility. She is the Fashion Designer and Dye Artist specializing in Denim, Garment Dye, Shibori, and Eco Print. She completed her Fashion Studies at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising from Los Angeles. Before this Angelina was Head Designer Denim and Casual Bottoms in New York & Company. 

11. Shannon Follansbee: Shannon Follansbee abandoned her life as an artist in New York to work on building a vision for Bikini.com with an old friend, combining a tremendous business opportunity with the ability to satisfy her creative itch. Bikini.com has expanded its inventory to include over 200 rising designers from 25 countries, as well as a curated lifestyle destination for women of all shapes and sizes. Shannon is currently the company's President and also works on blogs, social media material, campaigns, and so on. 

12. Brisa Trinchero: Brisa is the Founder/Chairman of Shoowin. Brisa decided to make the transition from the world of theater to the world of athletics. It is the first and only female-founded internet firm with a strong focus on sports. Shoowin aims to restore fairness to the ticketing world by allowing supporters to purchase tickets at face value at the start of the season, effectively betting on their team's chances of winning. She established a multimillion-dollar entertainment investing portfolio that included the Tony-Award-winning Beautiful: The Carole King Musical and the record-breaking classic hit Hamilton. Trinchero's track record as a successful businesswoman has garnered her two Tony Awards for Broadway production and recognition as one of the top 40 business leaders under 40. She is currently the President and CEO of the Princess Grace Foundation in the United States. Randi Zuckerberg said about Brisa that “ I’ve known Brisa Trinchero for years. Our friendship blossomed in our love for the arts, but it’s come into full bloom as I’ve watched her growing her own company from the ground up. She’s a relentless worker with a big heart and an imaginative mind.”

13. Sahana Goel: Purple Panchi's current CEO is Sahana Goel. Her area of expertise is revenue management, which includes product creation, pricing strategies, customer experience, and so on. Purple Panchi is a high-end Indian ethnic wear brand that uses handcrafted arts and crafts like tie-dye, bandhani, hand embroideries, and Khari printing. According to the brand's website, it stands for the ethical design that provides a fair wage to all craftsmen and is conscious of the resources it uses. Product creation, price strategies, sales performance, conversion optimization, delivery, customer feedback are some of her areas of competence in revenue management. She has also led teams from many functional backgrounds, all with the common aim of developing long-term business models. Before this, she also used to work as a Manager at Carwale. 

14. Rosie O'Neill: She is the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of the company Sugarfina. Sugarfina, founded in 2012 with her fiance Josh Resnick, is a luxury confectionery boutique for adults that takes a modern and trendy approach to confections. Gummy bears made with Dom Pérignon Champagne, chocolate-covered kumquats from Greece, rainbow-hued Kyoto Blossoms from Japan, and many more candies that are as gorgeous to look at as they are to taste can be found at Sugarfina. Rosie spent 7 years as the Director of Marketing for Barbie at Mattel, where she oversaw a $600 million global business unit that sold more than 50 million Barbie dolls per year. Rosie and her team revolutionized the sweets sector with a creative approach to confections and retail, earning them spots on Fast Company's "100 Most Creative People" list and Goldman Sachs' "100 Most Intriguing Entrepreneurs" list. 

15. Lauren Schulte Wang: Lauren is the Founder and the CEO of one of the famous brands, The Flex Company.  The Flex Company develops period products that are healthier for ourselves and the environment. The Flex Company is well-known for its patented products, including the Flex DiscTM, Flex CupTM, Softdisc, and Softcup, which are available online and in major retailers across the United States. Lauren has worked for firms such as Coca-Cola, Autodesk, and IBM for over a decade, developing outstanding consumer brands. She has been featured in The Economist, TechCrunch, OZY, The New Yorker, WIRED, The Washington Post, and NPR for her work on women's health and entrepreneurship. She graduated from Georgia State University's Robinson College of Business with a marketing degree.

16. Shalini Santhosh Kumar: Shalini Santhosh Kumar founded Early Foods in 2015 to assist children to eat better. Early Foods produces high-quality organic foods for infants, toddlers, pregnant women, and breastfeeding mothers. Its objective is to reintroduce ancient superfoods such as millets, dry fruits, and seeds to their young consumers in the form of porridges, cookies, teething sticks, and health drinks. Previously Shalini assisted clients with brand planning and marketing strategy, as well as customer segmentation and treatment process studies, in order to maximize promotional efforts. She has also worked with a cutting-edge analytics firm that focuses on strategic and tactical uses of 'Big Data’ in the pharmaceutical industry (APLD). She has prior experience managing client targeting, sales rep performance, and promotion strategy adherence.

17. Jen Lee Koss: Jen Lee Koss, 36, has found her calling as an entrepreneur after earning degrees in music and business from Harvard, Oxford, and Harvard Business School, as well as a decade in the corporate sector. Jen was able to cooperate with Kena to build BRIKA—an online retail community highlighting the work of passionate craftsmen and designers—using the drive, devotion, and entrepreneurial spirit she gained during her studies. They are a cutting-edge retail firm. They build partnerships and experiences that are inventive, authentic, memorable, and original. In the ever-changing consumer and retail landscape, they are the industry leaders in brand activation. The company is based in Toronto, Canada.

18. Kirsten La Greca: Kirsten is an entrepreneur with a background in design, visual merchandising, and television production. She is the Co-Founder of Rosa Gold. Rosa Gold is an e-Commerce brand that specializes in personalized gifts & accessories. Rosa Gold's Pinterest traffic increased by 362 percent in a year. La Greca began by working on Rosa Gold's profile. La Greca altered both to be packed with keywords relating to her business, rather than just her business name and a colorful description written in her regular marketing voice. Even if it wasn't her favorite look, she understood it was necessary because both of these fields are searchable.

19. Shradha Sud: Shradha Sud is a Founder and CEO at Mamacouture who is passionate about assisting pregnant women "Celebrate the Bump" by offering them fashionable and comfortable maternity attire. Prior to joining Mamacouture, she worked as a corporate lawyer for 13 years. Also, she established a good reputation in Banking and Finance Law. Prior to joining Mamacouture, I worked as a corporate lawyer for 13 years, where I established a good reputation in Banking and Finance Law. She is very much committed to enterprises that matter and, preferably, solve real problems, and feels that technology can make the world a more connected and better place. She subsequently founded Mamacouture, with Shagun, a NIFT fashion designer, as her first employee. They spent the first month in the NIFT, Delhi library studying the Indian/Asian woman's body during pregnancy and afterward, and only then did they begin to work their magic. After pregnancy, they added the Breastfeeding collection in 2017, with the motto of #handsfree nursing dresses and tops, which the new-moms like! They developed professionally crafted postpartum trousers in 2019 to combat the mummy stomach.

20. Erika Velazquez Alpern: Erika is a marketer with a passion for empowering and enabling women. She is the Founder of the Tactile brand. Tactile is a company that was founded to change the ratio. Tactile assists aspirational female leaders in establishing aspirational brands. They develop programs and solutions to make it easier for women to live and work. She is a marketing professional who's spent most of my career at the convergence of media, technology, and the arts. She is committed to promoting new and underrepresented producers and enterprises. Erika's contributions included developing a brand strategy for Morning Brew and leading B2B marketing that generated $1 million in opportunity in three months, overhauling business marketing for The Boston Globe that resulted in deals with the Fortune 500, reorganizing The New Republic's marketing org from the ground up that resulted in a 2x increase in traffic, 60 percent of their B2B sales pipeline, and winning deals with a new set of advertisers. 

21. Ali Kriegsman: Ali Kriegsman is the COO and co-founder of Bulletin, a new retail concept that provides shelf space in the company's physical locations to small, women-owned businesses. Kriegsman developed a venue for female entrepreneurs to sell clothing, accessories, jewelry, and beauty goods while also building a feminist, inclusive community around their physical stores. The company gives 10% of its profits to Planned Parenthood of New York City, demonstrating its feminist credentials. Kriegsman previously worked in sales at Contently before founding Bulletin as a side project with then-colleague Alana Branston, who is now the company's CEO.

22. Shea Fisher Durfey: Mother, Recording Artist, Model, Cowgirl, and Designer Shea Fisher-Durfey inspired Shea Baby. Shea wished to design a Baby Boot that was not only inexpensive and comfortable but also stylish and one-of-a-kind and she came up with Shea Baby Boots. In Shea Baby Boots,  each pair is made by hand from all-natural leather for infants. With this, you can show off your baby with style. 

23. Rachel Drori: Daily Harvest, founded in 2015 by Rachel Drori, is on a mission to make nutritional, plant-based foods more accessible by removing obstacles to access, affordability, and time with ready-in-minutes cuisine based on organic fruits and vegetables. Daily Harvest has become one of the fastest-growing direct-to-consumer companies today, and in 2018, it was named one of Fast Company's "World's Most Innovative Companies." Rachel started working for the Glit Group as a marketing executive after finishing her MBA. With a personal investment of $25,000, she finally founded Daily Harvest.

24. Nadine Ghosn: Nadine Ghosn is the founder of Nadine Ghosn Fine Jewelry. Ghosn earned a Management Retail Program with Hermes at their Paris headquarters after graduating from Stanford with degrees in Economics and Art. She also completed a stay at Boston Consulting Group, where she specialized in the business of luxury. In 2016, Ghosn introduced Nadine Ghosn Fine Jewelry, a series of bright yet whimsical, tongue-in-cheek designs that mixed famous pop icon pieces with high-quality jewels. 

25. Brooke Taylor Corcia: She is the Founder of The Dreslyn. It is an online specialty store offering carefully chosen designer clothing, accessories, items, and cosmetics. Brooke Corcia wanted to start her own business so that a more authentic portrayal of West Coast fashion might be added to the e-commerce vernacular. Brooke was a student of New York University and the University of Michigan.

The increased presence of women as entrepreneurs has resulted in a shift in the demographics of business and the country's economic prosperity. You will succeed if you are good. Even if it takes years to get to where you want to go in business. They are such an inspiration for all of us.

This was a list of the female e-commerce entrepreneurs we presented to you as promised. Consider these 25 women’s ideas as a treat for 25th December, Christmas. For further details reach out to us at www.enalito.com