Make The Best Business Decisions

In-Depth Hidden Insights and Predictive Analysis that empower you to skyrocket sales while diminishing your marketing costs

Right Message

Right Message

Targeted and Personalized Marketing Campaigns based on analysis of customer’s behavior that increase customer retention and spend

Right People

Right People

Automatically identify products best matched to specific customer segments to improve inventory turnover

Right Time

Right Time

Predictive Intelligence that enables you to take timely actions at the point of maximum impact.

Enalito Analytics At Work

Know how Enalito Analytics can boost your revenue and drive more conversions.

RFM for retail business analysis

Determines Business Health & Performance

We’re Your Business Doctors!

Use our built-in KPIs or create your own custom ones to monitor the health of your ecommerce business in real time. You select the KPI’s important to you such as average order value, latency, recency, frequency and monetary spend of purchases.

Pinpoints Your Best Customers


Automatically segment your customers using real-time purchasing, browsing and email behavioral data. Maximize your marketing ROI by ensuring your promotions are targeted to only those customer segments most likely to respond.

Consumer Behavior Segmentation
Real Time Personalization Software

Identifies Negative Business Trends in Real Time


Real time monitoring of all your important business KPIs provides early warning of negative trends that need your attention. Identifies defecting customers, reduced purchase frequency and spend, and other important signals of a reduction in the Lifetime Value of your customers. For a flourishing business, it’s important that KPI trends are positive. If not, Enalito Analytics will recommend campaigns to quickly reverse negative trends.

Analysis Ecommerce Store

Lets You Perform Custom Analysis


Every business is different. Enalito lets you select data important to you and analyze it to produce custom reports specific to your business.

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