Enalito Retarget


Real-time retargeting with offers and campaigns to persuade the customer to shop and re-engage with your e-store



Engagement through personalized offers based on browsing behavior and interaction with e-business’s touch points



Reconnect in real time using digital mediums so as to retarget and persuade the customer to shop real fast



Timely and persistent reminders to complete the shopping activity thus maximizing the customer’s lifetime value


Know how Enalito Retarget functions so as to drive maximum conversions and be more welcoming to the customers

Real time Marketing

Keeps Count Of Activities

A track of limitless possibilities!

There’s a high possibility of people just visiting your e-store, eyeing products they like and put them in the cart but not really make a purchase since they are new to your e-store. Enalito Retarget captures such activities as it facilitates to retarget customers with enticing campaigns so that it lifts your sales funnel activities.

Pitches With Engaging Offers

Turn Heads!

Reduce bounce rates with real-time push notifications, bring back customers with cart abandonment campaigns offered with discounts on different touch points and recommend personalized cross-sell products that let customers become more active shoppers.

Cart Abandonment Solutions
Retargeting Tools

Reconnects With Previous Shoppers

Stop Losing Your Customers!

Send ‘Miss You’ campaigns with great offers to re-establish connection with your prior shoppers. This significantly helps in recovering inactive shoppers. Also, take order follow up and offer post sales assistance through Enalito Retarget for a good bond.

Order Follow Up

Offer post sales assistance

Engage customers by Follow-up emails, to build a long lasting relationship by providing post-sales services and recommendations.

Miss You Campaign

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