Customer-centric Marketing KPIs

Single Business Score on the basis of Customer centric KPIs

Powerful KPIs to boost store profits by enhancing customer retention & inventory optimization to achieve business objectives.

Single Overall Business Score

Single Overall Business Score

Derived from expert analysis of 6-most insightful KPIs for both customers and products.

Executive Level KPIs

Executive Level KPIs

Churn, Growth, Repeat Purchase Ratios to provide executive-level backbone through actionable KPIs.

Customer centric ‘Power’ KPIs

Customer centric ‘Power’ KPIs

CLTV, Purchase Frequency, in addition to Executive-level KPIs empowers the store to yield best profits.

Enalito Analytics at a glance

All-inclusive Business Analytics with Powerful KPIs

Business, Customer and Product Analytics to yield the best profits

Business Analytics

Powerful business KPIs and trends are analyzed to produce a single business score that helps to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the business. Further, these strengths and weaknesses are optimized and rectified respectively to maximize the sales, ROI, and profits.

Customer Analytics

Overall Customer Activity is tracked and analyzed to increase customer retention through Executive-level KPIs. Insightful KPIs reveal the progress points as well as loopholes in the path of business growth, to adopt necessary measures and implement strategies for desired profits.

Product Analytics

Inventory Optimization is induced to generate maximum ROI while identifying the best and worst products on the basis of customer-centric KPIs. All the products are analyzed to identify ones that sell more and those that should retire from the inventory.

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