Customer Analytics

Customer Analytics for Retail

AI-powered business intelligence application for strategizing 1:1 personalized customer experience, increasing retention, driving customer profitability, and loyalty. Enalito provides useful insights to act on for improving business health with a customer-centric approach. Save time and gain more with pre-built powerful segmentation built on customer lifetime value and their transaction behavior with the store. Witness profound results when you start approaching the Right Customers with the Right Message at the Right Time.

Elevate Customers Lifetime Value Using Enalito’s Insights

Enalito suggests ideal customer service strategies to strengthen the relationship with each of the identified customer segments that are valuable to your business.

Recent & Promising Segment Insights

  • New
  • Promising New
  • Recent Low Spenders

  • Recent Neutral Spenders
  • Recent High Spenders
  • Recent Whales

  • Potential Loyal

At-Risk & Lost Segment Insights

  • Defection
  • Risk Defected
  • Defected Loyal
  • Defection Risk Loyal
  • Defection Risk Low Spenders

  • Defection Risk Average Spenders
  • Defection Risk High Spenders
  • Defection Risk Whales
  • Defected Low Spenders

  • Defected Average Spenders
  • Defected High Spenders
  • Defected Whales

Active & Bread-Winner Segment Insights

  • Neutral
  • Loyal
  • VIP
  • Frequent Candy

  • Frequent Frugals
  • Frequent VIP
  • Tiny Average
  • Average

  • Active Whales
  • Slow Whales
  • Infrequent Whales

KPIs For Each Segment

  • Number Of Customers
  • Grade
  • Average Recency

  • Frequency Of Orders
  • Monetary
  • Average Latency

  • Average Order Value
  • Average Discount %

Individual Customer 360°Detail

  • Name & Email
  • Sign Up Date
  • Purchased Products
  • Browsed Products
  • KPIs Trend Analysis
  • Grade
  • Purchase Recency (R)

  • Purchase Frequency (F)
  • Purchase Monetary (M)
  • Latency
  • Average Order Value
  • Discount %
  • Browsing RFM
  • Cart Aband. RFM

  • Email Behavior RFM
  • Preferred Buying Season
  • Future Life Time Value
  • Predictive Product Affinity
  • Relationship Length
  • Frugality

Retail Lifecycle Insights

  • Total Customers
  • Active Customers
  • Average Time Between Purchases
  • Average Order Value
  • Order Count
  • Overall Discount %

  • Recency In Days
  • Total Purchase Amount
  • Change In KPI Trend
  • Digital Spend
  • Customers’ Lifetime Spent
  • Next 12 Months Future Lifetime Value (FLTV)

  • Purchase Behavior RFM Scores
  • Browsing Behavior RFM Scores
  • Cart Abandonment Behavior RFM Scores
  • Email Behavior RFM Scores
  • Last 12 Month Overview vs. Till Date

Learn Customers’ Relationship With The Store

With our analytics, you can understand how well the store’s active customers interact and drive business growth. Such analytical reports are insightful about customers’ shopping behavior patterns and help to paint a future picture of their actions. For a quick assessment, Enalito sums up business health with a ‘business score’ and alerts you to take immediate corrective measures if found negative.

All of the KPI trends are presented as –ve, +ve or neutral to be aware of how the performance indicators are being impacted by customer’s behavior.For example, with the store’s Average Latency being positive, you can learn that customers now take fewer days to make their next purchase compared to 12 months back. Alternatively, you can track monthly changes.

Spur Customers To Act by Truly Understanding Their Interests

44% of the customers say they’ll likely become repeat buyers after a personalized shopping experience. Once you understand your customer’s behavior, interests, preferences, and product sentiments, it is then you can truly elevate customer experience to drive retention and loyalty.
Enalito tracks customersPurchase, Browsing, Cart Abandonment, and Email Behavior and lets you answer – Who are the customers buying the most? What’s the most preferred discount % by customers? Are my VIP customers abandoning the cart? Do my customers browse frequently? and more such important retailer’s questions. The answers will help you craft campaigns in a much more meaningful way that maximizes its impact on customers.

Segment For Higher Returns Using Advance Filters

Your ecommerce segments can be as tailored as you need it to be. Enalito’s advance segment options can help you drill down those customers you consider really important. Whether you want to group customers who haven’t changed their behavior forthe last 12 months, to get a list of common customers from two different segments, or to compare customer’s previous vs. current behavior, Enalitoempowers you to be highly efficient with your personalized customer service for high returns.

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