Track Products Performance

Get intelligible reports that help you make faster catalog and inventory management decisions to update it with bestsellers



Product Performance Analytics that clearly distinguishes between best selling and flop products.



Prediction of new product’s future performance on its very first day that gives you the ultimate power to control inventory.



Timely analysis’s results help you keep only the best products in your e-store.

Enalito Assorter At Work

Know how Enalito Assorter effectively drives your inventory management techniques.

Ecommerce Campaigns Analysis Tool

Notifies Business’s Value Generating Products

Definitely something to look out for!

Gives you a look – out of the products that drive repeat purchases v/s the products that are unable to do so. Such information is crucial for business since you’ll be able to make an informed decision about which products to feature for new customer acquisition campaign.

Sorts Products With Same Attributes.

Organizing perfects your business!

A kitty print on any product might be making you more money! Such kinds of attributes are identified by the intelligent Enalito Assorter for grouping to analyze product attributes that are performing better. This empowers you to answer ‘Which kind of products should I add more to the inventory?

Inventory Control system
Prediction for New Product

Forecasts New Product’s Likeability

A guess of logic!

New product addition to the store is now only exciting and less stress. Take decisions on the basis of our advanced algorithms that predict on the first day of the product’s addition whether it will sell in high numbers so as to keep the new product or not. New product’s attributes are also taken into account for best possible predictions.

Analyzes Product Performance

All Checked!

Analysis of how products are performing based on KPIs keeps you updated on how recently, frequently, with what monetary value and after how long products are being sold. More other KPIs are also considered to form a basis for customizable product clustering.

eCommerce Product Performance
eCommerce Inventory adviser

Advises Optimal Inventory & Catalog

Get Only More Smarter!

Lists suggestive stock to shelf more or less and know how much will you profit or save by doing so. In fact, this list is obtainable per product cluster for effective in-depth inventory management. Also, you can feed your new inventory budget for a recommended inventory list that projects exact numbers of which stocks to add as per defined expenditure.

Helps Clear Dead Stock

Problem Solved!

Most retail businesses suffer one major common problem: Dead Stock! Enalito identifies the dead stock, cleverly locates the shoppers who might be interested in buying it and recommends it to them. No, it doesn’t pick customers randomly but on genuine calculations that account customers’ preferences in buying the same product kinds.

eComemrce Dead Stock

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